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    Resigning from my GM position

    Good bye Tomato and thank you for what you've done, especially helping me with my homework
  2. Hello! I have been searching for an addon for a long while now, I saw it on a fire mage in Cataclysm a while back, and it made me really interested. It's basically a smaller Hot Streak inside the bigger on, like this: (( )) It works like this: Whenever you crit with an ability that can proc Hot Streak (Pyroblast, Fireball, Scorch, Fire Blast), you get Heating Up! (the smaller Hot Streak). If you then crit again, the smaller Hot Streak disappears and the big one activates, and then you can use an instant Pyroblast. If you crit, and then you use another Hot Streak-causing ability and it doesn't crit, the smaller Hot Streak disappears. Quite simple. Does anyone know what this addon is called, or does anyone have any Weakauras import for it?
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    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    If you don't care about it, why even make a forum post?
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    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    I will try to reply to these utterly retarded statements while making sure no braincells are lost in the process. I'm fairly sure that you're trolling, but I'll try to nevertheless. What you're writing is making no fucking sense, at all. First of all, why would 'PvE hero idiots' vote against what's beneficial to them? I don't care if you have PvE items in PvP, what I care about is that I should be able to wear atleast some PvE gear when queueing arena as I probably don't have full PvP. And when it comes to balancing, I'm not even sure what to think anymore. There's a bugtracker that allows you to showcase what's wrong with classes whether it's mechanical or mathematical issues. Warmane PvE 'scripts'. Are you shitting me? Censure, feral dots, affli & shadow dots, fire mage ignite, master of elements, chain lightning mastery scaling, double poison buff, incinerate with Molten Core. These are things that were HEAVILY bugged and you dare call it a good realm with the 'best scripts'? Warmane was the one server I've seen where everything is fucked beyond belief and nobody reported it, probably because of the same ignorance you display regarding the quality. And no, Atlantiss quit being blizzlike the moment they decided to introduce retarded stealth nerf to make up for a broken mechanic. (Thanks again Pelekon and Pocket for fixing that). To be honest I think this is the most wasted 2 minutes of my life, but whatever.
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    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    I think we should try to see this from eachothers point of view aswell. I will toss my normal mode Shadow gear when I get the Heroic versions, this is logical as they will be useless. I sit around in DS HC gear with legendary staff and wants to cap Conquest in arena, however with a ban, I can't. I will need to replace every single item in order to be able to queue and as I do not have any PvP gear, I'd have to do Battlegrounds 24/7 to get honor gear, or waste my ID to get some quick 397 gear from normal mode. You're basically telling casual PvE players to fuck off, just because PvE items become unfair at 2200+. Just think about how utterly ridiculous that is. I just can't see how this is any fair. All you PvP players running around with Gurthalak, how about you go farm valor in RHC's until you got full PvE set so you can enter a raid? Sure, PvP in PvE is the exact opposite from PvE in PvP, but you get the idea. Straight up 'banning' one part of the playerbase from playing the other part is just.. no. I think Aloise's proposal is by far the best. Weapons and trinkets are by far the biggest part of your damage, and probably the reason why you find it unfair. I wouldn't mind having to replace three items, but having to replace an entire set to even be able to enter the arena is again, unbelievable.
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    I must say, I find this poll kinda dumb. I do get the fact that you want the population to be bigger, but unbanning the players that have been proven to be cheaters is not really the way. Especially not those that got banned for exploiting etc on numerous occassions. And about the second chance, three people so far as a far as I know have been banned for exploiting despite a previous ban, and I think that's their "second chance" being tossed away. I just think people should experience the consequences of their actions. Think before you do things.
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    Mage raiding situation

    Fire mage last raid did 47k on Ultraxion 25. However, fuck mages. Only shadow priest is an acceptable ranged DPS.
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    How to quit Atlantiss with style

    Mafia Muszelka Dwa [*]
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    Don't mind me asking, but are you part of the old Sunwell tha migrated here a few years back? Any case, hope some sort of migration happens, would be wonderful with a population boost.
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    (updating) Cataclysm Rogue PvE Guide by Axelito

    Rip Pokorny arm
  11. Hello! My name is Axelito and I'm besides co-GM of the extraordinary banking Alliance guild Cookies Factory, also a Combat/Subtlety Rogue main. I came here from another server, due to it dying. Back there I never really played Rogue, so I decided to play it here since well, why not? Five months after I started playing here I killed Ragnaros Heroic (late April ish), and I wish to share my knowledge of everything I learnt on this trip and since there weren't many guides I found very useful. Therefore, this is a detailed guide over Combat and a bit lesser detailed on Subtlety and Assassination, although when school lets loose a bit I'm planning on making them equally as detailed. Do note that this guide will mostly be for people already quite familiar with how the class works (with things such as Honor Among Thieves), and the guide itself is to make those 385 rogues that do 25k+ do a little bit more. If you're new, then I would recommend to go Assassination until you get gear, and swap to Combat. Although if you can focus on the fight and do optimal DPS as Subtlety then you can play that aswell. I will also explain a little bit indepth about how poisons work, as they are also something people wonder about. Table of content: 1. General information about rogues 1.1 Poisons and how they work 2. Combat 2.1 Glyphs 2.2 Stat Priority 2.3 Talents, and optional talents 2.3 Opener & Rotation 2.4 To-do's and not-to-do's 2.5. Firelands Heroic Encounters & Dragon Soul Normal 2.5.1 Shannox 2.5.2 Beth'tilac 2.5.3 Baleroc 2.5.4 Lord Rhyolith 2.5.5 Alysrazor 2.5.6 Majordomo Staghelm 2.5.7 Ragnaros 2.5.8 The Dragon Soul ones (short) 3. Assassination 3.1. Glyphs 3.2. Stat Priority 3.3. "Rotation" 4. Subtlety 4.1. Glyphs 4.2. Stat Priority 4.3 Talents 4.4 Firelands Heroic encounters 4.4.1 Shannox 4.4.2 Beth'tilac 4.4.3 Baleroc 4.4.4 Alysrazor 4.4.5 Lord Rhyolith 4.4.6 Majordomo Staghelm 4.4.7 Ragnaros 4.4.8 Dragon Soul Encounters 4.5. "Rotation" 4.5.1. Shadow Dance 5. Useful macros 6. Known bugs The guide! 1: General information about rogues Rogue is a DPS that revolves around combopoints and melee swings. All rogues share the same thing in common: generate combo points, to use to keep up buffs and using damaging finishing moves. They're based around the idea of 'death by a thousand needles' as they generally have a lot of different damage sources such as poisons, melee swings and such. 1.1: Poisons and how they work Poisons is what for me, makes a rogue a rogue. They are bought from vendors and are applied to your weapons, and generally just makes your attacks stronger. Although they do have some extra interaction for Assassination. All rogue specs uses Instant Poison mainhand and Deadly Poison, although more on exceptions below. Instant Poison is the most basic of the poisons. It simply does damage. It does however have a connection with Deadly Poison. When your Deadly Poison is maxed to 5 stacks on a target, every had instead has a 30% chance to proc the attack on the other weapon. This makes it so that Instant is the most desireable of all the poisons since the mainhand generally is the weapon you use the most. You also want this on your mainhand as most of your combo point generators are based around your weapon damage. This in turn is why you want to have as slow as possible mainhand, due to the instant poison application rate being depending on your weapon speed. A slow weapon afflicts this poison more often per attack, but since it attacks slower, doesn't happen that often. On the other hand, a fast weapon has a low application rate and therefore you need a lot of hits to apply the poison. Deadly Poison is your offhand poison of choice. This is because Deadly Poison doesn't care about the speed, compared to Instant Poison. Deadly has a fixed application rate, so the faster the weapon is, the more applications you can get through. This is why 1.4 speed dagger is what is required in the offhand. Your offhand by nature does less than mainhand, which again is why the fast weapon should be in the offhand. Wound Poison is a poison that applies a healing reducing effect. Though this is not desireable for standard DPS, it could come to some use on Combat/Subtlety on fights where only burst truly matters, such as Spine of Deathwing. This is because Wound has an extremely high application rate. Double Wound Poison is only beaten by Instant/Deadly if your Deadly Poison gets time to stack up. Crippling Poison has no use in PvE, unless you desparately need something slowed. Mind-Numbing Poison only has use on Alysrazor as it slows the adds casting time. 2: Combat Here it starts for Combat. I will list some things, not all. This is for good Combat rogues who are willing to get better, not for beginners. 2.1: Glyphs: The glyphs are Sinister Strike, Adrenaline Rush and Slice n' Dice. Minors are Tricks of the Trade, Blade Flurry and Kick/Feint. Kick for Alysrazor since you can basically solo the Talon's on Heroic with it. Feint on basically everything else. 2.2: Stat Priority: The stat priority is Agility > Hit 8% (will be reached without any problems due to Precision) = 26 Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike You can also go Agility > SpellHit 17% = 26 Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike I have not tested which one is the best, but the difference is minimal. The following information comes from Elitist Jerks. This is NOT confirmed by me, but I do think they're a valuable source. Do your own testing incase you don't find this trustworthy, as I cannot confirm it to be. 2.3: Talents and talent options This is the Eviscerate build for Combat. This is one that is ONLY focused on Eviscerate, and no rupture. This on the other hand, is the rupture setup (more information about rupture down below in the 'to-do' section). You ditch % damage on your Eviscerate, for increased crit damage on your Sinister Strike, since the damage of your Eviscerate matters less now that you have another finisher weaved into the 'rotation'. Another quite not so severe option of talents is the Improved Sprint one. I personally like it, since it breaks CC and what not. You can also go for the Blade Twisting, which makes your melees have a % chance to daze the target, reducing the movement speed. This one does not work in most PvE situations but eh, if you wanna PvP on the way to Baradin Hold go ahead. 🙂 2.3: Opener & Rotation: The opener as Combat is near useless, unlike a Retribution Paladin who likes critting during burst. It has nearly no impact on your overall damage at the end, although the bigger burst the better nonetheless. Something I've seen people ask is why their burst is basically the same as their stable, which is mostly because of poor cooldown usage. Contrary to what other rogues would say, I highly suggest your opener to be this: Prepot -> Sinister x4 (to get Green Insight) -> Killing Spree -> SND -> Adrenaline Rush 2.4: To-do's and not-to-do's: The reasoning behind this opener is that you want your cooldowns to be down as much as possible, as long as the time they're up you're maximizing damage. As you know, classes like Fire Mage can have an explosive burst which can do upwards to 110k bursts on Recount. Sadly we got no explosive burst, but we can make the best of it. Killing Spree at the start reduces that disgusting ramp-up time that occurs as Combat, and mitigating it a tad. With this you use it with all your enchant procs, pots etc and best of all, your second Killing Spree should be up by the time you're in your Red Insight on the second Insight rotation. One thing that some Combat rogues do is that they instantly Adrenaline Rush once it's off CD. You may do this, although I would advise to do it at the start of an Insight rotation, so you won't pop it during downtime, where you have no damage bonus. Other than this, the rotation resembles an Arcane mage with 1.5 buttons. Sinister x4 -> Revealing Strike -> Eviscerate. I have also changed my mind on Rupture. I spent the Baleroc Heroic kill this week to try to keep uptime on Rupture, somewhat. The end result was that an Eviscerate does more damage than a Rupture, but is a lot less energy efficient. Therefore you can if you want, use Rupture during no haste procs or Adrenaline Rush. This seemed to increase my DPS by quite a bit, as I was ending P3 on Ragnaros with stable 36-37k on every pull and I finished Baleroc at 38.6k. We're not so good at single target DPS, but it works. NEVER use Rupture on cleave as it does not benefit from Blade Flurry, only use it on pure single target. You should also NEVER use Revealing at any point apart from at 4 CP's. Both using it early or when you have 5 CP's, will cause slower cooldown regeneration, due to wasting a combo point. One example of this could be (3 CP's -> Sinister Strike -> 5 CP's -> (here you should Eviscerate, not Revealing Strike). 2.5: Firelands Heroic encounters There isn't much to know about the fights in Firelands as a Combat Rogue, but some things are to keep in mind. 2.5.1: Shannox: Here there is basically nothing to do, just make sure you won't get trapped. You are on no duty here as you can't crit for very high. You're basically just sitting on Shannox. 2.5.2: Beth'tilac: Here you will most likely go up on the roof. Sad but true, we just simply don't offer anything down apart from pretty insane cleave with Blade Flurry. Therefore, if you have enough taunts down you should stay down. The cleave with Blade Flurry can make it so that you end the fight with some pretty ridiculous numbers (40k+). Simply follow the rotation mentioned above, for the drone. 2.5.3: Baleroc: Crucial fight to use the opener that I mentioned. This is not your favorite fight tho, as it may surprise you. Combat single target is meh at best (beaten by both Assassination and Subtlety). Here it's just about maximizing your DPS output. If you wanna do stupid shit, you can go into Subtlety spec and let your healers give you 5 combo points and then swap back to Combat, for a Slice n' Dice from the start. IMPORTANT: Vanishing when a Shard is up will make you Immune to it. You shouldn't use Vanish as Combat for a DPS increase, but it's important to keep in mind nonetheless. This may cause a wipe. 2.5.4: Lord Rhyolith: Here you got some really nice leg damage with Blade Flurry, but you're just like any other MDPS, apart from your Feint which might be my favorite ability in the game. If you don't end the fight with the least damage taken, you're doing something horribly wrong. Also good stable damage, which might help the driver. 2.5.5: Alysrazor: Oh boy, you're a great DPS here. You got some good burst with Adrenaline Rush and Killing Spree. If you take Mind-Numbing Poison and the Kick glyph you can solo Talon's with no problem. Cloak can also save you if you slack on the way to the meteor. 2.5.6: Majordomo Staghelm: Same story here, DPS as much as you can, swap to kitties and use Feint regularly (scythes). Nothing out of the ordinary. 2.5.7: Ragnaros: Here is the fun part. You're very useful here because of your extremely stable DPS. Due to Atlantiss stuff, you cannot use Killing Spree on Ragnaros in P1-3, which sucks although we try to make the best of it. Cooldown usage depends on the group DPS. My cooldown usages for Adrenaline are the following: 5 seconds after pull (approx.), at 75%, after first transition, then save one for the Lava Scions at second transition. Go ham on them, do atleast 1.5 milion damage. Then use one whenever you have it in P3. You simply have zero burst at this point, so killing Lava Scions faster will help your group a lot more than you sitting on boss. You'd rather have a fire mage without debuff bursting 100k, than you sitting there with 40k burst while your mage is running around like a headless chicken. When you pop the Adrenaline Rush during the second transition, you NEED to keep in mind that you can Cloak the debuff, so you'll always sit on em no matter what. Cloak can also be used as a lifesaver if you're gonna get hit by Engulfing (which your shouldn't). This is a great addition to your group as it allows for instant and reliable cleave. Killing Spree should IMO be used on Son of Flames, the faster you kill em the more you can help your teammates. DPS ALWAYS AND WHENEVER YOU CAN. Due to your poison and Insight it's essential to keep as much uptime as possible on the boss At P4 you should use Feint to mitigate the Superheated damage, when you're waiting for a frostpatch to spawn. Don't use Killing Spree during the 3-3-3 formation as it may cause issues if the tank moves to the Entrapping Roots. Otherwise just do your regular DPS rotation. The DPS should not be an issue, just focus on not messing up. 2.5.8: Dragon Soul Encounters The Dragon Soul encounters are pretty straight forward. None have fancy mechanics, although there are some things to keep in mind. Morchok You can stay a little bit in the Black Blood here due to Feint + Cloak of Shadows, although I do not recommend it. You won't need the DPS in normal. Also remember you can help soak stomps if the kitty is behind the boss. Warlord Zon'ozz Nothing special here either, use the same opener as I mentioned for single target. Do keep in mind that you need to use Cloak of Shadows to remove the debuff. This is just to ease the healers job. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Remember to Redirect to Yor'sahj right when the globule is about to die. This is because the corpse of the globule despawns when killed, and you therefore lose any combo points you had on it. Also remember to Blade Flurry here when Mana Void/Forgotten Ones spawn. Helps a lot. Hagara the Stormbinder Use KS before AR when she's stunned to apply your poisons faster. You're honestly pretty bad here, as a Combat Rogue your burst is long but decent, rather than short and amazing as Subtlety. 3. Assassination Here it starts for our poison loving, fresh lvl 85 spec. In all seriousness, this spec isn't very good at higher itemlevels. It's decent and can pull around 39k DPS on Baleroc, but that's it. It's very bad at swapping, and doesn't have any cleave. 3.1 Glyphs Mutilate, Rupture and Backstab/Vendetta. Use Backstab if you know you can actually sit behind the target for the remaining 35% of the fight, otherwise go with Vendetta. 3.2 Stat Priority Agility > 17% hit > Mastery > Haste > Crit I would suggest getting SOME Expertise for the sake of your Mutilate, but to be honest, it's a pretty awful stat. The reasoning for this is because dodged Envenom's still gives the poison application buff, which is really good. Free damage. 3.3. Rotation This is pretty straight forward for Assassination, nothing too annoying like the Insight mechanic for Combat. The general opener is this: Prepot -> Stealth -> Garrote -> Mutilate -> Rupture -> Slice n Dice if the Rupture gave a free Combo Point, otherwise Mutilate -> Slice and Dice -> Mutilate 2x -> Vendetta -> Cold Blood -> Envenom You wanna keep 100% uptime on both Slice n' Dice and Rupture. Also you wanna have a lot of uptime on the Envenom buff. I suggest using your finishers at either 4-5 Combo Points, due to your Relentless Strikes, which refunds energy, higher chance per combo point used. Swapping should be with Redirect, and Rupture should be your highest priority then. Vanish should be used in conjunction with your Vendetta, as the Garrote procs a lot of extra Venomous Wounds (more damage, and more energy!) and also because Overkill, gives 30% energy regeneration aswell. Below 35% you should use Backstab, since because of your Murderous Intent talent, which gives you a lot of energy back when you use Backstab. If you have any sort of haste trinkets and Bloodlust is up, you might have to weave in Mutilates to not completely energy cap. CP builders: Garrote > Backstab (if <35%) > Mutilate 4. Subtlety The so called "hardest DPS spec in the game" is in essence very easy. The hard part is getting used to the whole keeping up buffs deal, but it comes with time. 4.1 Glyphs You should have Backstab, Slice n Dice and Hemorrhage. First two are self explanatory, but the third one is just there to make swapping (and the opener) be easier and do a bit more damage. The Hemorrhage glyph makes it so that your Hemorrhage does 40% of the damage over 24 seconds on the boss. This is counted as a bleed and therefore applies Sanguinary Veins, which increases your damage to bleeding targets. 4.2 Stat Priority Agility > 8% hit = 26 expertise > Haste > Crit > Mastery I prefer to get expertise cap, due to how annoying it can become if your Eviscerate gets dodged and you drop your Rupture, it's just a lot more convenient. This is why I recommend everyone to go for Expertise, as a dodged Eviscerate is a massive loss to your DPS. 4.3 Talents 4.4 Firelands Heroic 4.4.1 Shannox Dummy boss, you can soak traps with Cloak but that's all, really. No problems here. 4.4.2 Beth'tilac You can use pot every time you're up (cd resets when you jump down), also here as Subtlety you should be up as you provide nothing to the group down. 4.4.3 Baleroc Use the 'rotation' below. Otherwise, take charge here and call out shards. You have a lot of downtime so it's good that you call out stuff instead of people with more active DPSing. 4.4.4 Alysrazor Dance on the Talons, bla bla bla. Also get the Blind major glyph, so that you can CC a side for the whole duration (Blind actually CC's for a minute here). 4.4.5 Lord Rhyolith Feint for Stomps, easy stuff. 4.4.6 Majordomo Staghelm If you're not outside, you can position yourself near his claw in order to backstab from the front. 4.4.7 Ragnaros Seriously, don't play Subtlety on this fight unless you like Hemo spam, which you shouldn't. 4.4.8 Dragon Soul Encounter Morchok Same as Combat here. Warlord Zon'ozz Use first Vanish at first Black Phase, although don't use your Preparation after this. Save that for the BL that comes at the 3rd Black Phase, so you can chain 2x Vanishes and a Shadow Dance. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Same with the globule. Do note that since you have to be behind the target, tell people to move away if you get green+x. Hagara the Stormbinder Use Dance in the opener here. Don't bother with Rupture during the increased damage phase, since you want damage there and then. Do note that because of this you need to apply a Hemo quickly before Dancing, for the Sanguinary Veins talent. I will update this section as it's own one once all the bosses come out on heroic. Guess I will also update on normal aswell. 4.5 Rotation So, now to how to play this crap. For starters, keep in mind that you always wanna have the Hemorrhage DoT and Rupture on the target, together with Slice n Dice and Recuperate on yourself. The whole idea of how to DPS is basically to keep up as much Find Weakness on your target as possible while not dropping your buffs or debuffs. Find Weakness is a 70% armor debuff that you apply with either Ambush, Cheap Shot or Garrote. For PvE sake you only use Ambush as Cheap Shot doesn't do any damage, and Garrote does very little. It also bases itself around energy 'pooling', basically the way you save energy for a later scenario. This is done because of your talent Honor Among Thieves, which reads "When any player in your party or raid critically hits with a spell or ability, you have a 33/66/100% chance to gain a combo point on your current target. This effect cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds." Because of this you kinda base yourself around not wanting to waste combo points, for quite obvious reasons. The opener should be something like this: 5 CP from your healers -> Prepot -> Stealth -> Slice n Dice -> Premeditation -> Recuperate -> Shadowstep -> Ambush -> Hemorrhage (now you should have 5 CP's) -> Rupture -> Backstab to 4ish -> Recuperate -> Shadow Dance once you pooled energy -> Ambush 2x -> Eviscerate -> Shadowstep, Premeditation, Ambush (if off cooldown, shouldn't be though, just Ambush 2x otherwise) -> Eviscerate Once your Find Weakness reaches 1s duration, Vanish and Shadowstep, Premeditation, Ambush and Eviscerate. Try to chain Find Weaknesses, especially during Time Warp. Alternative to this opener, which I have started using lately, is this: 5 CP -> Prepot -> Stealth -> Slice n Dice -> Premeditation -> Shadowstep -> Ambush -> Rupture -> Hemorrhage -> Backstab to 5 CP's -> Recuperate -> Energy pooled Shadow Dance, at this point just continue the rotation from above. When it comes to combo points, try to make it so every 5th combo point is given your Honor Among Thieves talent. This is to make sure you don't lose a CP while you're waiting for GCD so you can use a finisher at 5cp. Although you can if you want, get the fourth one and Backstab -> finisher really fast. This is what I do because I can't help myself from spamming Backstab. ALWAYS do as much damage as you possibly can during Find Weakness, don't waste these CD's to reapply your buffs, it's a huge loss of damage. Although if you need to, do it. CP builders: Ambush > Hemorrhage for the DoT > Backstab > Hemorrhage Small few tips: Don't be afraid to take chances, that's what makes a spec fun to play. Ever felt like the satisfaction of putting in another Eviscerate despite SND about to drop, and you end up having enough time to get both? Truly satisfying, and again, makes it a lot more fun. Always apply Rupture with the 10% damage buff you get from exiting Stealth. Use mouseover macros for Tricks of the Trade, not focus. You probably want to Tricks the tank at pull, and a dps later. /cast [target=mouseover] Tricks of the Trade should do the trick. (get it?) 4.3.1 Shadow Dance Your general Shadow Dance rotation should be Ambush 2x -> Eviscerate -> Premeditation,, Shadowstep, Ambush macro -> Eviscerate -> Ambush 2x -> Eviscerate This is to make your Shadowstep Ambush buff the most efficient as posssible. Thefore you should also time your Tricks of the Trade (with T13 2p) with this. If this simplifies it in any way, I simply mash it in this order: 1 1 3 2 3 1 1 3. This will come with muscle memory, and it will be really fun once it does. This is only a guideline. This is the path you wanna go when you Dance, altohugh you will NOT reach the end of it. Just try to get along the path as much as you can. 5. Useful macros For Tricking on mouseover: #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade /cast [target=mouseover] Tricks of the Trade The Ambush macro #showtooltip Shadowstep /cast Premeditation /cast Shadowstep /cast Ambush 6.Known bugs 1. Burning Wounds does not stack properly, and loses about half it's value (give or take 1k dps loss), with fights like Alysrazor the bonus recieves even more of beating. https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/9827 2. Redirect does not transfer your Insight progress. You have to start over. https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/2147 (polish doe) Ana is an epic rogue
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    (updating) Cataclysm Rogue PvE Guide by Axelito

    It has become absurd. In 25m a friend of mine did 48k (I kinda quit rogue). Hemo spam is reaching 42k+ for me and Assassination will touch 50k soon.
  13. Axelito

    Help with Trial of the Crusader-10man

    Pull the bosses around the edges of the room. There's usually sweetspots where they sit in place and are lootable. Bring people there though, soloing is a bad idea.
  14. Axelito


    Among the [*] reactions for the PvP section of Atlantiss, let's not forget that just because someone steps down, it doesn't mean the new person won't do a good job. I'm sure the new PvP GM will do everything he/she can to make the PvP community happy, and hell, maybe even better than Lastguardd. Who knows? But yeah, thanks Lastguardd, for everything you did for the Atlantiss PvP community.
  15. Axelito

    The future of Atlantiss

    To be honest, in any hopes of keeping interest in Atlantiss alive, I think a fresh server is the only solution, and probably the only choice for Cataclysm private server as a whole when Hades turned out to be shit.
  16. Axelito

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    I just gotta say that I absolutely love this idea. You may also add https://www.twitch.tv/listertwiste He streams high ranked Disc/Feral 2's (Feral PoV) and is a good friend of mine, although he has been gone for about a month now.
  17. Axelito

    Show me ur UI :)

    Simple UI, a lot of messing around with Weakauras. 🙂
  18. Axelito

    XP rate optimization

    From someone who played on the abomination of a server named Neltharion, I've seen the damage that instant max lvl can cause, atleast to PvE. When I started here I was surprised over how good people were, the fact that people actually carried their own weight, compared to Neltharion where you couldn't trust someone with full HC achievement in a NM raid. Now, when everyone and their mother are 395+, it's a whole different story. People gear up so TERRIBLY FAST, that they don't get to learn their class. I've noticed it especially the last two weeks, when a resto druid with 392 ilvl in my raid with full achievement did a whooping 14k hps on Zon'ozz. The point of why I mentioned this is that it is necessary to keep the leveling at the rate as it is now, so it won't become even worse than it is now. It gives players the opportunity to learn their class while they level and get to experience the abilities and what they do. Don't ruin that with increased rates. Also buying instant level with real money, are you fucking insane?
  19. Sounds blizzlike.
  20. Equal in the way that perhaps make 25m damage higher, to make the massive amounts of raid CD's a bit less rewarding? Things like this.
  21. From a raidleader of a 25m guild I have to agree with Sathus, this is pretty disappointing. How many guilds raid 25m? WSI, IL, Celestial and perhaps Keepers of Ulduar? It's pretty dumb to only allow Keepers, IL and WSI to fight for realm first and let the good 10m groups feel a bit worthless for the race. Just make the 10m and 25m equally as challenging (probably would require different % for each difficulty). Just.. make it equal ;(
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    (updating) Cataclysm Rogue PvE Guide by Axelito

    Greetings Silentshade! I do understand where you're coming from - so let's clean it up a tad and I will try to explain my point of view. What I mean with the best when you're lower geared is that simply put, assassination does the most damage. Combat really only pulls ahead once you reach 380 ish, and Subtlety is always better, but if you're new and playing rogue for the first time, a low energy Subtlety is not what you want to play when you wanna make a for a reliable pug. When it comes to play for each spec, sadly.. Yor'sahj is not where you can shine either, as legendary casters really show their supremecy there. I rather prefer to stay on boss (if agreed to ofc) as Subtlety and do as much single target damage as possible. Although on Warmaster yes, Combat here is insane. And even on something like Ultraxion, a properly specced Hemorrhage spamming Subtlety rogue can do 36-37k DPS, where Combat does 41-42k in current gear. Tricks at the start of the fight is very false. As for example Subtlety, you wanna time it with your Shadow Dance, and it is therefore not used at the pull. When it comes to the Assassination, that is just the opener I roll with. I have yet to test Rupture with 1-2cp, although Assassination isn't really worth to play atm, so I'd keep myself away from it. Although do note, you wanna use Envenom at high CP's since you wanna fit in 2 mutilates during it's uptime, something that is quite hard if you're not under any haste increases and you get 2-3s to do so. Using finishers at 4 is fine, if the 4th combo point was given by HaT. Otherwise, if you do something like Backstab+Evisc, your would-be 5th combo point would most certainly be wasted, and wasted cp's are wasted Eviscerates. And yeah, I will bear that in mind, that I need to elaborate on the fights. Most of the fight info is just random things that you should keep in mind, tips & tricks. Usually cloaking off debuffs here is a bit iffy (cloak for example only shielding against two Firestorm ticks, and then it hits through it). It's most just giving advice before you step in there, so you won't accidently kill yourself. And when it comes to muscle memory and how fights change - to be quite honest, best way to practice target swapping as Subtlety for example is to play BG's. No joke, it's good practice. Without having your opener and swapping as muscle memory your 'rotation' will be clunky as all hell and you'll have to think before you do something. (started playing spriest as of late so this really is annoying for me :D) But yeah, thanks for the criticism Silentshade, I will update this when I get time, probably in the next week or so. Cheers! :) EDIT after Nilak's post: Yeah, during BL you do w/e you want really. I meant during the really bad downtime, you wil lose CP's if you risk it in this fashion.
  23. Axelito


    New slight update. Due to the recent testing of Dragon Soul Heroic, we have decided to put together a 10m core. For this we're recruiting an experienced healer and one or two DPS. We're of course, also recruiting for our weekly 25m DS on wednesdays (yes, we continued doing it). Feel free to apply at celestial-atl.shivtr.com Happy hunting!
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    Roundhouse kick. Uncalled for and hurts like shit.
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    A slightly bigger update. Things change, sometimes more rapidly than you anticipate. You think things are well, and then a 360 happens. A few of the officers and recruits broke out and made their new guild, which I hope you all have luck in managing. I haven't spend my time as much as I should've in the guild, and I'm aware of that, as IRL problems has been haunting me for quite some time now. You never know what you have until it's gone, I suppose. Now that my IRL problems are gone, this happens. But nevertheless, it gave me new eyes on things and I have decided to focus a lot harder on peoples wellbeing in the guild, as I have now dealt with mine. This being said, we're still recruiting players at celestial-atl.shivtr.com. Much love, Axel.