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  1. Axelito

    Resigning from my GM position

    Good bye Tomato and thank you for what you've done, especially helping me with my homework
  2. Axelito

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    If you don't care about it, why even make a forum post?
  3. Axelito

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    I will try to reply to these utterly retarded statements while making sure no braincells are lost in the process. I'm fairly sure that you're trolling, but I'll try to nevertheless. What you're writing is making no fucking sense, at all. First of all, why would 'PvE hero idiots' vote against what's beneficial to them? I don't care if you have PvE items in PvP, what I care about is that I should be able to wear atleast some PvE gear when queueing arena as I probably don't have full PvP. And when it comes to balancing, I'm not even sure what to think anymore. There's a bugtracker that allows you to showcase what's wrong with classes whether it's mechanical or mathematical issues. Warmane PvE 'scripts'. Are you shitting me? Censure, feral dots, affli & shadow dots, fire mage ignite, master of elements, chain lightning mastery scaling, double poison buff, incinerate with Molten Core. These are things that were HEAVILY bugged and you dare call it a good realm with the 'best scripts'? Warmane was the one server I've seen where everything is fucked beyond belief and nobody reported it, probably because of the same ignorance you display regarding the quality. And no, Atlantiss quit being blizzlike the moment they decided to introduce retarded stealth nerf to make up for a broken mechanic. (Thanks again Pelekon and Pocket for fixing that). To be honest I think this is the most wasted 2 minutes of my life, but whatever.
  4. Axelito

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    I think we should try to see this from eachothers point of view aswell. I will toss my normal mode Shadow gear when I get the Heroic versions, this is logical as they will be useless. I sit around in DS HC gear with legendary staff and wants to cap Conquest in arena, however with a ban, I can't. I will need to replace every single item in order to be able to queue and as I do not have any PvP gear, I'd have to do Battlegrounds 24/7 to get honor gear, or waste my ID to get some quick 397 gear from normal mode. You're basically telling casual PvE players to fuck off, just because PvE items become unfair at 2200+. Just think about how utterly ridiculous that is. I just can't see how this is any fair. All you PvP players running around with Gurthalak, how about you go farm valor in RHC's until you got full PvE set so you can enter a raid? Sure, PvP in PvE is the exact opposite from PvE in PvP, but you get the idea. Straight up 'banning' one part of the playerbase from playing the other part is just.. no. I think Aloise's proposal is by far the best. Weapons and trinkets are by far the biggest part of your damage, and probably the reason why you find it unfair. I wouldn't mind having to replace three items, but having to replace an entire set to even be able to enter the arena is again, unbelievable.
  5. Axelito


    I must say, I find this poll kinda dumb. I do get the fact that you want the population to be bigger, but unbanning the players that have been proven to be cheaters is not really the way. Especially not those that got banned for exploiting etc on numerous occassions. And about the second chance, three people so far as a far as I know have been banned for exploiting despite a previous ban, and I think that's their "second chance" being tossed away. I just think people should experience the consequences of their actions. Think before you do things.
  6. Axelito

    Mage raiding situation

    Fire mage last raid did 47k on Ultraxion 25. However, fuck mages. Only shadow priest is an acceptable ranged DPS.
  7. Axelito

    How to quit Atlantiss with style

    Mafia Muszelka Dwa [*]
  8. Axelito


    Don't mind me asking, but are you part of the old Sunwell tha migrated here a few years back? Any case, hope some sort of migration happens, would be wonderful with a population boost.
  9. Axelito

    (updating) Cataclysm Rogue PvE Guide by Axelito

    Rip Pokorny arm
  10. Axelito

    (updating) Cataclysm Rogue PvE Guide by Axelito

    It has become absurd. In 25m a friend of mine did 48k (I kinda quit rogue). Hemo spam is reaching 42k+ for me and Assassination will touch 50k soon.
  11. Axelito

    Help with Trial of the Crusader-10man

    Pull the bosses around the edges of the room. There's usually sweetspots where they sit in place and are lootable. Bring people there though, soloing is a bad idea.
  12. Axelito


    Among the [*] reactions for the PvP section of Atlantiss, let's not forget that just because someone steps down, it doesn't mean the new person won't do a good job. I'm sure the new PvP GM will do everything he/she can to make the PvP community happy, and hell, maybe even better than Lastguardd. Who knows? But yeah, thanks Lastguardd, for everything you did for the Atlantiss PvP community.
  13. Axelito

    The future of Atlantiss

    To be honest, in any hopes of keeping interest in Atlantiss alive, I think a fresh server is the only solution, and probably the only choice for Cataclysm private server as a whole when Hades turned out to be shit.
  14. Axelito

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    I just gotta say that I absolutely love this idea. You may also add https://www.twitch.tv/listertwiste He streams high ranked Disc/Feral 2's (Feral PoV) and is a good friend of mine, although he has been gone for about a month now.
  15. Axelito

    Show me ur UI :)

    Simple UI, a lot of messing around with Weakauras. 🙂