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  1. Giq

    Atlantiss members silhouette

    What's your name? - Maciej What's your nickname? - Herkor What are your duties on Atlantiss? - Recently joined developers team and handling complaints as a former GM Since when you're a part of the team? - May 2016 Why are you in our team? - Willing to help, work with and learn from other team members. Say few things about yourself. - Tech geek. I study. I like fun and silly stuff in general. Watching tv series. Playing FPS and strategy games. Listening to trap music. Appoint another person to answer these questions. - Paradoja
  2. Giq

    Atlantiss members silhouette

    Hey, This is Kacper aka Yggr
  3. Hello Sometime ago, I used to play this game, specifically it was a browser game. The game itself wasn't something special, sending simple orders for the npcs to build few buildings and then waiting for several hours until they're done ;). However, there's one thing that's always present in such type of games, it's a rather specific but yet, a very positive relation between the community and people "on the other end", in other words, the administration. One of the things that was supposed to bring these two ends closer together was a separate section on forums, where every member of the administration could make their own topics and players were able to discuss everything there, except for bustling the creator of the topic to work. As some of you already noticed, we posted few entries with overall image of several staff members. I'll also post them here as to make them available for all of you to discuss.
  4. Giq

    [Answered] MOP question

    The main development focus is on Cataclysm. Haven't we just released firelands HC?     So it works in opposite way too. You asked for clear answer and I gave you clear answer, so the topic will be closed from now on.  The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the author has been able to solve the problem. Because of this, the support topic has been closed and moved. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  5. Giq

    [Answered] MOP question

    Hi,   as we have already explained it many times - we want to have complete content from previous expansions before we start advanced work on MoP. It makes no sense to release it now, when there's still a lot of stuff from Cataclysm we want to finish. Moreover development of cataclysm core will not be completed in 7 months so the answer for your question is NO.   I would like to remind you that it has been said in the one of the firsts news about MOP project that completed cata development is required to launch MOP realm.    http://atlantiss.eu/news/view/160 "Based on the facts given above, we can conclude that the date when we will launch our MoP realm depends on the pace of work on Cataclysm realm. This means that there is no exact date until the end of patch 4.3.4 content development."
  6. Classic of rock for today! Don't waste it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBWfUc5jKiM
    1. Anhaeyn


      Perfect moment for a contest :D I am currently saving vote points exactly for this mount for my future alt. Would be cool getting one ♡
  7. Giq

    [Answered] Question about SoR

    Rules (beside part with date) has not been changed. If You have no 85lvl char on acc and you did not log in after 1st of June then we flagged your acc with possibility to use SoR. SoR update doesn't mean that we removed SoR flag from accounts that were flagged before. 
  8. Giq


    Hello. We'd like to inform you that, yet another SoR update took place on Atlantiss. All accounts that do not possess a 85 level character or higher and did not log in after 1st of June will be granted a free 80 level boost. Make sure to seize this occasion and prepare you characters for the upcoming release of Firelands raid in Heroic version. More information here: http://atlantiss.eu/pages/16
  9. Giq

    [Answered] New Offtopic section?

    There are reasons why we have no offtopic section :D there was an offtopic section once in the past, and it was mess ;| 
  10. Unfortunately we have no support for localized clients. There is a huge lack of data of post wotlk clients and we are not able to fix those kind of issues soon. You need to set your client to english.
  11. Giq

    [Answered] Mists of Pandaria

    MOP core requires everything... packet fixes, basic core mechanics, game mechanics, spell scripts, pve/pvp scripts, npc scripts etc. everything must be written from the scratch, our TBC and WotLK cores in other hand require some polishing. It's huge difference and it's reason why we are able to release PTE before our MOP realm ;)
  12. There will be no insta 58lvl. As Wolf said, Netherwing (and other PTE realms as well) will be blizzlike, x1, progressive realm with no custom features.