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  1. Cheers, guess I should step down from the "hardcore" mentality and enjoy the game more. No hate
  2. Be a good player & call yourself loyal, improve instead of crying here on forum. Get binds, macros & more awareness. Yea it takes time to get used to but, it's not a decade. It will drastically increase your win rate & rate of having fun tbh.
  3. Become a BG hero. Have 3/4 win ration while solo queing. GG
  4. It's the most unnecessary information you need, It sits right in the middle of the screen and since most of you prefer zoomed out view, you can't even read it, letters just become scattered pixels.
  5. God, it's incredible how most of you play with own name, title and guild name enabled, let alone names of friendly players/npcs...
  6. Cause he is Hated, lol? Jk
  7. Any kind of loot manipulation that is not blizzlike is indeed against the rules of terms and service and is banable as proven in the past.
  8. If they didn't stop working on MoP i wouldn't even think for a second about the wipe and the startover. But in fact they did stop, so I suggested something that would/should help with the crisis that is going to happen few months after DS is launched. I mean, technically with this slow development if you'd restart the realm once after all content on 4.3 is scripted, that would give time to at least script first tier of MoP while people are dealing with Cata once more? I mean it will generate some amount of players, but I believe people would rather re-do Cata, than sit 1-2 years on DS. Cheers, I never really thought about how to actually execute the wipe, so I quickly thought of these lame steps as I wrote the first reply to just add to my "Idea". xd
  9. @bennaye, TBH, I couldn't care less about the casual playerbase than stepping onto a worm, they come and go literary each minute. I've said this numerous times Quality > Quantity, I've enjoyed the server more when there were 500 people online at Max then now with 3-4 times more players. Cause these 500 made server feel more alive, and they were hella community. You can notice that on forums as well, how 5 of us nowadays make literary 90% of the posts/topics and keep it alive basically. Ok, so I understand this, I'll shift it to something more positive, Just to wipe the gear, nothing else. Now about the achievements; I meant on only achievements like Heroic Ragnaros/Madness of Deathing/Al'Akir/Sinestra/Nefarian. Every single achievement except those should be kept and that's it. Now again I can come with my argument towards casual playerbase. But right now on Dragonwrath, basically guilds that still progress suffer from 1 thing, and that is to have full rooster of good active players. And if you aren't one of the top guilds you will have trouble getting these since they are probably either already in top guilds or (or in extreme large number of cases) just quited because of long content droughts. Having relative short periods of time between tiers will keep these players playing, trying to maximize gear for new content. Tho i agree, that there should be a bigger pause after DS, even tho it is the easiest tier and should take no time for most of the guilds to progress through it. ^ The topic name is "Keep our content alive!" /relevant to everyone. It's not about keeping it relevant to me but to everyone. Also fights are nerfed down so much that you won't feel anything in terms of difficulty while you do those raids at this content patch, gear requirement is small since with the nerfs you can kill almost all bosses on hc except Al'akir with 355-360 ilvl average group. The only reason why Firelands Heroic is still kinda fun to do is because it's pre nerfed + custom buffed (totally blizzlike, jk another problem created because of the content drought). One thing we can agree is that we have different ways of looking at this situation. And this is mine, cheers.
  10. This is fake obviously. Whenever i want to duel some people in-front of stormwind, people make 40 man raid vs me. 1v1 never lul WTB duels
  11. @Kirraq Afaik, gearing for PvP is a joke. The only grind you'll have to do is maybe right after the wipe (getting some honor gear) and after that winning 10 arena games per weeks is gonna get you all the gear in no time. Basically this summs it up. Everyone will be on pair gear with you except people that have higher rating than you so your point about the gear is *meh" at best. It's same if 2 fully geared people fighting as 2 half geared people fighting. About second point, I haven't properly written it, but the new realm was a easier solution than wiping everything on main realm (So what i meant was: Delete Dragonwrath and start on new realm or just wipe dragonwrath if that seems easier, dunno). I also have threw random time intervals as well, it doesn't have to be every 2-3 months, whole cycle can take 1.5 year tops. And ofc nobody would want to just circle more than 1-2 times, but you give people more opportunity to log with there always being relevant content that can be progressed than with just having DS, all other irrelevant content and people won't be bothering to log at all after some point. Also with each wipe, if advertisement is done right you should have no decrease in population, tho not really sure how will that work because it's Cataclysm and we know how much private server community loves Cataclysm.
  12. Clearly i see top PvE players quoting me with appropriate arguments. Almost every god damn top raider preferred T11, and would gladly come back to play on it and stay if content is coming and always feels fresh. This long term content drought is the only reason why most of the people quit playing in first place, giving people more often chances to race for realm firsts would change that. I've watched so many friends, groups and guilds leave just because they were sick of raiding nm firelands for so damn long. Guilds like Dragon Anahilation, Amicorum, Law, Nefarious... they vanished. Yes, some of players are scattered around but the server raiding community suffered a great loss. The current population is the biggest illusion of Atlantiss, the only reason why the peak is 1.5-2k is because of Sunwell shutdown, if that didn't happen i swear that server would be still at 400-500 peaks (edit: would probably be 100 by this time). Because Atlantiss advertisement stopped existing after Silveris quit making Trailers for the server, since no one else did after him, tho there are some clips that take 3 min to edit in sony vegas that were posted through the year i must say! Anyways i understand that this seems retarded to you new players. But for me, I have been playing here since 2013. I've created one of the first good international guilds; Nefarious, I've seen its ups and downs and now that it's gone I am on verge of quitting, again. But I still play just because some friends asked me to, I never played on ATS because of the scripts (Yes, at the start) but after the creation of my guild I've played only because of the community no matter how long content drought was I stood by my guild side until eventually we all went on retail, and you see I never left the server despite me trashing it on forums. I am not selfish, i don't give a damn if i lose all gear/levels/achievement points, if something is gonna bring my peeps back I'm in.
  13. It's a "no" from me, they already said it. After DS launches FL nm will be irrelevant. Tho I'm just gonna stick with my usual suggestion. Wipe the server and start again from T11. This is clearly the best solution if you want to keep your players. Either to do it now or after some time of DS, and you can just roll the content on and on. Server already has almost all the content "finished" and with each wipe it would be more and more polished. Anyone who raided tier 11 will tell you that progression of it was the best time they had on ATS. Suggestion on how to implement this w/o people losing their minds for their chars. 1.Create new realm 2.Move all characters there 3.1.Remove all the gear/stuff in bags and banks and reset all characters to lvl 1, and wipe all PvE achievements and titles. 3.2.Remove all the gear/stuff in bags and banks and give characters fulls set of twilight highlands gear if they're 85, if less they can keep equipped gear(cannot think anything else about low levels, so this is as close as i got). 4. Release both next Raid Tiers & Arena Seasons 1-2 months after previous ones are cleared to keep the content in state as it should be w/o implementing custom buffs. #nocensorshippls , cheers
  14. WTB around 380-385 PvE mage 300k 
    1. Quodan


      WTB Huntard or Lock paying good aswell xD

  15. "Our lord Jesus was black" - Osman Hadzic 139BC Not that Horde PvP community is none existent right now, but nice sketch of simulating thin air WPvP. I'll share you a secret, why being Horde was*! fun; We were making 3-8 Man raids on Stormwind full off PvP players, and just laughed our arses off no matter the outcome, this laughing at nothing feels autistic tbh.