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  1. Ok, so I'll also share my opinion. Magical setup doesn't really exist, almost all the fights require something different and some classes can be good or bad depending on it. Eg. Having a Balance druid on fights like Beth'tilac almost eliminates the whole spiderling mechanic in the fight since with Mushrooms they are dead in 1 gcd, While other classes may struggle to solo this or you will have every ranged dps switch on them. Eg.2 Having a Fire Mage on Alysrazor (Which is a must) just shortens the fight by 4-8 min, because you can stack ignite so much that Combustion can literary take 50-70% of boss's health. Those 2 are the only classes that I'll strongly recommend you to have, and also Blood DK as a tank because of its damage and self healing. Everything else you can really pick. Now the matter here really falls to, which class does more DPS, which yea its also important but can be ignored since it's a private server and getting certain classes can take a while. Now, if you are gonna progress, you should avoid these specs; Protection Warrior, Fury Warrior, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest (due to complexity most people fail at it). In the end i suggest you to look at the player not at the class.
  2. Jenova making a legacy here boys, i haven't read anything funnier in past days
  3. Thanks, this just gave me some hope!
  4. Triggered people on world chat kept me playing here, don't censor pls.
  5. You don't lose ability to grant levels when you past lvl 80
  6. Person A - This person gives RAF code. Person B - This person inputs the code into registration screen. Each 2 levels Person A and B leveling whilst RAF is active gives an opportunity for Person B to grant 1 level to Person A's alt up to lvl 80. Person A can't grant levels.
  7. Yo, I totally agree with Sathus, but I'm going to spit some of my wisdom here. So first of all, what you need to have in mind is that; Every spec is easy to play, but hard to master. Mastering a spec takes time, doesn't matter which spec. Everything is up to your will and what kind of play-style you prefer. Melee or Ranged; Knight or Assassin; Wizard or Demon Lord. Most of the guides you read nowadays are advanced guides trying to lead you towards improvements assuming you know the basics, so picking classes by that might be misleading in the end. My suggestion is to keep your Warlock up. Yes, it's basically a class that if you want to be better than average you have to play really good, on the opposite side, if you want to be average it's a cool class to dps. All 3 specs differ from one another and do similar dps at that knowledge level. You should start from the... well... start; Playing with just basic rotation for a couple of weeks till you get a hang of it, then trying to implement more difficult mechanics as time goes. Destruction: Use Chaos Bolt on Cooldown, Keep Immolate and Corruption up, Use Conflagrate on Cooldown, Once every minute put Bane of Doom on the target and spam Incinerate in downtime. Demonology: Use Hand of Gul'Dan on Cooldown, Keep Immolate and Corruption up, Once every minute put Bane of Doom on the target and spam Shadow Bolt in downtime. Affliction: Use Haunt on Cooldown, Keep Corruption and Unstable Affliction up, Once every minute put Bane of Doom on the target and spam Shadow Bolt in downtime. Note: Use Felhunter pet in all 3 cases. Trust me, this is as simple as it gets, it's basically almost the same for every other class; keep track of that dot, use that on cd and so on. Practice this in dungeons and as I've said the more you play the easier will be to learn harder mechanics. Cheers
  8. only for bros who can't crit in bgs

    1. Lavenia/Metzo
    2. Sniprepgodx



    3. Edge004


      finally u picked my type , 35+ blondy + 65 DD


  9. people don't get 1st April jokes...
  10. WTB Race Change, paying 40k on Horde

  11. Quests towards obtaining legendary staff have shared quest item drop between sizes (except in 25 man you get more Searing Cinders than on 10 man, not so sure about last part) Short: You can do full quest chain in both 10 & 25 / NM & HC
  12. Jk, horda ex yu gazi sve vec \o/
  13. Warlock sold siccest chatroulette boy on ats Errything in title. I can also trade gold for these classes on Alliance cheers. I don't care what kind of gear characters have, they have to be atleast 85.
  14. I wanna buy, pm me.