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  1. Do not get me wrong Ellan. But I'm flattered. You've just called us Greatest of all times, how sweet, thanks! On the topic; Just put whole Vulgar display of cancer & add Braha Quod + our favorite duo Arcadia and Lastkiss :^))) Everyone else is trash.
  2. Feral - Rosess Nuff
  3. Why is forum so dead qAq

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    2. 罪深い 思考

      罪深い 思考

      lmao this efrell guy should slit his wrists 

      fucking imbecile

    3. Axelito


      Sniprep 1-0 Efrel

    4. 罪深い 思考
  4. It's not an addon. That's smaller/inner Hot Streak aura was Heating Up buff from MoP. Tho I'll try to work something in WA for you.
  5. Thanks to Apophis the guide is once again readable. New version will be published in upcoming weeks, so hope you have a nice read with this one. Cheers.
  6. APHOPIS GOD IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #REFORMED
  7. One for my fallen brother Blinkfaster EDIT; GIT GUT
  9. Wassup with South Africa? Is it gone yet?


    1. 罪深い 思考

      罪深い 思考

      lmao i mailed em a bomb

  10. Complementary joke doe? Not like your 4chan type of tryharding. For a second I thought your title said "newfag". Heh, that gave me a chuckle. Not gonna bother more, too off topic.
  11. Somehow you are managing to be more of a joke here than in-game. Still meaningless one tho.
  12. PA might seem easier to use (It is in Cata, but in Legion WA comes with pre-sets for everything so you just have to click twice and you have all class auras available, you just have to move them on the screen) but it's limited, which WA isn't because of its custom coding which allows for anything to be made outta it. Just browse through
  13. Read what he wanted. His icon on the action bar to shine when hp% threshold is met. Anyways Power auras in 2k17? lul?