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  1. greywolf

    Gilde Italiane

    Penso che il numer di players su dragonwrath sia diminuito e non di poco. Da questo trai le tue conclusioni.
  2. greywolf

    A heartfelt thanks from the Alliance

    I could not play for about 3 weeks, but yesterday was another beautiful day of random battlegrounds and luckily my faction (alliance) continues to win, as always. I played 13 random battles in a row. All won! Another bad and sad day for the horde players.
  3. greywolf

    Crossfaction BG's

    Putting up the crossfaction is the only way for the Horde to have a little chance to win a random battleground, one at day is enough. At least for those casual players tired of being literally raped in every BG.
  4. How should I set Power Auras to track a specific debuff on me?
  5. greywolf

    WoW 4.3.4 Addons + links

    Adibags does not work, there is no icon and the command/adibags does nothing. When you log out the addon appears in the addons list as working.
  6. greywolf

    A heartfelt thanks from the Alliance

    It's not inherent, but it's okay!
  7. greywolf

    FACTION Change: how much?

    Last week I found a player to make the faction change. The agreed price was 60k and I had proposed to give 15k immediately and the rest after having had a proof that the faction change had been really executed. He did not agree and I proposed 25k immediately and 35k later, but he wanted all the gold and immediately. He said he was a trusted person, that I could be quiet etcetera etcetera and on the contrary did not trust me on giving part of the sum immediately and the rest after. For this reason it was not possible to conclude anything.
  8. greywolf

    FACTION Change: how much?

    Do you trust to give all that money right away without having a proof that the faction change has been executed?
  9. greywolf

    FACTION Change: how much?

    My reaction to this price.
  10. What is the right price if I want to buy the faction change? 5000 gold? 7000 Gold?
  11. greywolf

    FPS Problem with Atlantiss .exe

    I had to redownload the entire client to solve several problems.
  12. greywolf

    FPS Problem with Atlantiss .exe

    No chance for this, it's a notebook! Add this detail in case another user (with integrated graphics) downloads it. Thank you anyway!
  13. Your EXE file causes a decrease of FPS from 54 to 16. I put back the old exe to fix the problem.