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  1. WTT Paladin (H) for Warlock (A)

  2. WTT Paladin (H) for Warlock (A)

  3. WTT Paladin (H) for Warlock (A)

    WTT 381 Holy / 380 Retry paladin (H) 6/7hc achive for normal(370+) geared warlock (A) , for more info whisper https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1215760#view-page If warlock would have Legendary will give Boomkin https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/423486#view-page 379 as bonus write here your offers and other info
  4. [A][EN/PvE]Bastion of Triumph

    Hello do you have spot for mage 386 Ilvl 6/7hc achive in core group?
  5. [ENG][PVE] Ephemeral

    Looking for Good Retry paladin 380+ for 6/7 hc farm and ragna Hc trys leave aplication on website
  6. [ENG][PVE] Ephemeral

    Looking for good healer for Statick 1 check web side for more info
  7. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

    to be honest have no idia how to change title on this forum
  8. [ENG][PVE] Ephemeral

    Ephemeral is a newly created guild with a casual approach to the game. Presently, we have one raiding group and, technically, three evenings per week dedicated to Cataclysm content. Our FL progress is 6/7 HC. Ideally, we are looking for mature talented players with strong organizational skills, who are capable of leading their own raids. We are ready and willing to help such players with our alternative characters, and/or through sharing our game-experience. If you feel you are one of those players, fill in our application form at http://www.ephemeral-guild.shivtr.com/
  9. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

    we changed our guild name so admin can you close this topic
  10. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

    Still looking hill for 6/7hc progress group
  11. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

  12. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

    Still need good healer
  13. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

    In 6/7 Hc static need 1 Good geared skilled healer for farm and ragna trys . raiding days Wednesday,Sunday,Monday 19:00 server time . live your apps on our site and in the topic name write that you are static 1 candidate
  14. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate

  15. [ENG][PVE] Heroic Syndicate