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  1. Hello Our group start raiding about 2 month ago and now is farming 6/7 hc every week , also trying Ragna Hc. Raid time : Sunday, Monday, Wednesday server time 7:00 till 9:00 -10:00 Looking for good Balance druid or shadow priest with 378+ Ilvl and knowledge of his class . achivment of full normal , Shannox hc must have (would be good to have also Majo and Baleroc Hc achive) . for more information write in this topic, whisper me on forum or whisper in game Trollthemall, Dotthemall, Jonex, Cadanne, Cdrw , Nihaza
  2. hello we need balance in 6/7 Hc group for farm and ragna tryes. are you still looking for raid ? raid time Monday , Wensday , Sunday
  3. are you still looking for raid If yes what is your shadow priest name ?
  4. new update , group with 6/7 hc for farm and Ragnaros trys need 1 Rdd (Moonkin or Shadow priest) with 378 + Ilvl. write yout app here or wisper in game Trollthemall, Cadanne,Nihaza
  5. Wts Horde Rogue , Pve ilvl 369 without Mail (old friends char who will not come back) . Armori price 60k Gold
  6. BE rogue Armori , have no email because it's old friends character but he doesn't play anymore 70k
  7. Group need 1 Healer (not priest) for 6/7hc farm and ragnaros trys. 378+ ilvl and at least 2 hc experiance
  8. Hi ,Moonkin 375 ilvl 7/7 norm 2/7(Shen, Major) hc exp Armory. doing 20-25k dps . can raid on Thursday ,Friday ,Saturday , Tuesday from 7:00 server time . if you are interested write here or write me Msg in game.
  9. Up , still need Holy paladin or Resto dru , wisper in game Trollthemall
  10. Up still need Good hpal for 6/7hc farm and ragna HC trys
  11. Hot Spot Hpal with 378+ gear
  12. 6/7 Hc down , in near future starting Hc ragnaros trys . Hot spot in static Feral Druid (Tank ) 378+ ilvl
  13. Up Still need good Balance druid and Retry paladin
  14. up looking for balance druid and retry paladin