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  4. Wts Felfire hawk and Blazing Hippogryph mount 2x. pm me offer
  5. Mage full ruthless. Pve gears high as well. got a 83 lvl pala in the same account. for more details pm me Pref Full Ruthless Rogue. or PP
  6. post offer or pm me or knock me on "Frantíc" Alliance side.
  7. Sold
  8. up
  9. Ambussa in Alliance
  10. Faction Change 35k Race Change 22k and for others item on Shop, post ur offer and item u need.
  11. for god shake, sell it already u filthly
  12. All in Same account Druid - http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1105851#view-page (Pvp ilvl 375 and Pve ilvl 374) !!!! Fireland Stuff !!!! Dk- http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1235646#view-page (Pve ilvl 358) and Mage 82 lvl Dont have email because of it was opened with 10minmail. so the mail doesnt exist anymore. Pref Pvp toon or Gold.
  13. Paying Good PP for a full Ruthless Rogue/Mage. Must be email Included.
  14. can link ur lock? and any pvp gear?
  15. 40k for faction change.