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  1. Hello!  i am LF people with firelands heroic Experience to farm it every week 6/7 H atleast and then progress rag. Currently Need everyone! This is the Comp im going for Mdps - Pala / Rogue , Rdps - Balance Druid or elemental shaman / Fire mage / Demo Lock / Survival hunter , Tanks - Blood dk / Feral druid , Healers - Disc priest / 2nd healer is flexible any class. I will be playing my paladin 380 ret or Blood dk tank 380 depends on who we can get.    This is gonna be a serious group and we will kill atleast 6/7 heroic every week and then gradually progress rag  and yes we are gonna be raiding on Horde.   IGN - Acrid-Blood / Frost DK / Cruzify-Ret pala / Acridzm-Shadow priest    Cheers !  :D   P.S - be atleast 378 ilvl + thank you.   Raid times gonna be sat / sunday - 7pm st Onwards