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  1. hello so i have 22 year old i play a world of warcraft since 6 month on this server i have 3 character balance and heal druid with 372 ilvl shaman enchancement with 368 ilvl and disci priest with 367 ilvl i have clean all bot to4w bwd nm and a little boss in Hc for Fl i have clean all NM and i would like to try the hard mode my profession on my character is 525 for all i search a guild for pve Fl and t11 HC for achi and good trinket
  2. i need help i have send a message to my other character and i don't have my stuff in message mail but when i relog i see you have a message but when i open the box the message is not her what can i do i said request MG but i waiting since 2 days