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  1. [Answered] Ninja loot raid

    omg this is again the same guild ninja loot me before never play with this guys
  2. maybe use bug

    hello i just whant to say if you can dez back of epique item of hyjal reputation it is normal
  3. dexamethazon the ninja looter

    dexamethazon is the ninja looter in fireland on the shannox hc a flickering shoulderpads drop and this guys i tank druid and me heal he have leave i rand i win with 95 and this guys 21 and he take this shoulder and leave don"t inv in you raid this guys
  4. [EN/PvE] Zero Status - US/CA BASED

    up pzl
  5. [EN/PvE] Zero Status - US/CA BASED

    hello i have character a balance druid and heal and shaman enchancement and disci priest can i join a group 2 or 3

    i need help i have send a message to my other character and i don't have my stuff in message  mail but when i relog i see you have a message but when  i open the box the message is not her what can i do i said request MG but  i waiting since 2 days