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  1. FeralGod


  2. FeralGod

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    Does this include random bgs?
  3. FeralGod


    Friends of Administration, or Owner, it doesn't matter. Rules are rules. Perm ban is PERM BAN. // Emtec: better if u'll check who banned their 😉
  4. FeralGod


    @Emtec Why did You delete my post?
  5. FeralGod

    The future of Atlantiss

    If You don't wanna play, just don't play. GTFO, cos there is still a lot ppl who wanna play here.
  6. FeralGod


    In my opinion, you can give Feronis players transfers, but...! No achievements, no mounts, etc.! Just clear lvl 80 chars with basic gear(basically free SoR).
  7. FeralGod

    Black Market?

  8. FeralGod

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPkLCmtncqr3ft6OljiLdSg - Ark Sta - he streams some pve from ATS, there are probably more yt streamers too.
  9. FeralGod

    XP rate optimization

    At best I would accept increased rates, for ppl who have at least 1x85 on account. We really do not need random noobs, that never leveled normally.
  10. FeralGod

    XP rate optimization

    Server was fine with less than 400players, it will be fine with 800 xD
  11. FeralGod

    XP rate optimization

    You already have RaF and weekly bonuses, enough is enough.
  12. FeralGod

    World chat toxicity today

    If anyone one needs to be banned, than that would be their tank(and maybe you for being another a**hole)...
  13. FeralGod

    World chat toxicity today

    They had some a**hole tank, who queued and declined few times in a row, why would they not be angry? And I don't see real purpose of this topic except, that you maybe are that a**hole tank...
  14. FeralGod

    World chat toxicity today

    New at mmo gamming, or new in internet?