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  1. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Yes, incredibly annoying! Disappears under the magma.
  2. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Another kill is up on youtube ! Hope people are happy with the music selection!
  3. Firelands hc stream (purged guild)

    https://www.twitch.tv/matslia Rag hc right now
  4. Firelands hc stream (purged guild)

    It's up now: https://www.twitch.tv/matslia
  5. Firelands hc stream (purged guild)

    https://www.twitch.tv/matslia <--- BoT hc stream is up
  6. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Another video for fun
  7. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    GREAT JOB GUYS! Movie is up, leave a comment below and give a tomb up
  8. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

  9. [T12] Weekly Firelands Heroic

    Sounds great! Good luck with the progression !
  10. Holy Paladin PoV in FL heroic!

    I demand sources! It's not okay to steal videos with copyright from Twitch! Good job on Rag hc tho <3
  11. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Love people who spend their time judging others performance! All love to the haters out there Get on our level <3 Peace out
  12. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Feels good! I see forward for next week! Will be a much cleaner kill! Goodjob boyz!