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  1. If you run into a Problem with this Quest - HORDE SIDE- I have s Simple Fix for YOU! Requirements- Alliance character or Friend with an alliance character ( Preferably 80-85) Take Alliance character to The siege Engines- Destroy all of the Siege Engines. DO NOT kill the injured warsong soldiers who jump out. Doing this will hard Reset the Siege Engines and Soldiers. wait 10-15 Minutes and Enjoy. You will see a new fresh set of Siege Engines, and Warsong Soldiers out in the Field Enjoy =]
  2. So we can all agree The Plains of Nasam Quest - Horde Faction- Borean tundra, is not blizz like. You may expereince a very bugged version such as the following: -you can only enter 1 or 2 siege engines -the siege engines you can enter wont move -You cant get " Scourge Leader Identified" -Warsong soldiers to rescue are not out in the Field, and may still be in the Siege engines. **Good News** you can do a self fix to basically reset everything yourself. This does require 1 of 2 options. Option 1: You have an alliance Character. Of levels 80-85 Recommended Option 2: You have a Friend who has an alliance character of Said Level Above **Take the alliance character over to Garrosh Landing** Once here, Have the Alliance Character KILL ALL the siege engines. **DO NOT** Kill the injured warsong soldiers once they come out of the Engines. once you do this, you can wait about 10-15 Minutes, And all the Siege engines will Reset. You will also notice, most of the Injured Warsong soldiers will be seen running back towards the field once the Siege engine is destroyed, also some may still just stand there. Once you have done this, All the engines will have reset, and you may enter all of them. You may then kill the 100 Scourge, and rescue the Warsong Soldiers. You can do this in ANY ORDER you choose! ;) once you have finished both of them, as soon as you finished the 2nd of the 2 (Scourge Slain 100/100 & 3/3 Injured Warsong Soldiers Rescued) You will automatically get (Scourge Leader Identified) Cheers, hope everyone who runs into this issue enjoys this simple fix =] Take care