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  1. waymoka1

    Mage raiding situation

    I'm waiting for the guy that says frost master race ­čś×
  2. waymoka1

    Mage raiding situation

    After the ignite custom nerfs did some1 try frost in raid? I think in st fights it should be better now since ignite doesn't really affect too much frost gameplay and arcane does just too low damage. Also can fire pull 45k dps now or too nerfed ?
  3. waymoka1

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    I gotta add that in 10 men you also have setup problems with buffs and some key abilities, i remember for rag hc we had one of our core healers switch to boomkin for second phase because we didn't have any ele/boomy in guild.
  4. waymoka1

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    We tested warmaster hc I assure you it works fine, only mob charge needed work. It was 2 weeks ago.
  5. waymoka1

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    There are already buffs implemented its not for the bugs, on the contrary madness does less damage than it should be atm. I agree tho warmaster and madness require the most work but tbh it doesn't look too far off.
  6. waymoka1

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    not buffing the raid makes it boring tbh. I have waited 2+ years for this raid and I can't accept it being easy. Most of the raiding community who plan to even try ds hc is alreaady 395+ not having a buff means oneshotting 6 years old bosses. Rag hc was a nice fight for example because of the buff that was really well made.
  7. waymoka1

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    Make 10 men slightly harder so that the 2-3 guilds that play 25 don't get screwed over and forced to play 10 aswell but just slightly or it becomes too easy i guess.
  8. waymoka1

    A heartfelt thanks from the Alliance

    Once you try double dps trinkets on a rogue you never go back. I guess its the same on every dps class. Burst just becomes insane especially with pve stuff of dragon soul. s11 is a shitty pvp season. Just wait till feral get the madness staff It just becomes unfair.
  9. waymoka1

    Show me ur UI :)

    Sorry to disappoint but no msbt at all. You can see the whole thing in fight. Also the overlapping auras are just for a better showing of the timer I prefer everything in one place.
  10. waymoka1

    Show me ur UI :)

    rate my ui
  11. waymoka1

    [A][ITA][PvE/PvP] Madness

    Non ci sono obblighi, generalmente i giorni di raid ufficiali sono mercoledi/giovedi/domenica, mentre venerdi/lunedi/martedi si fanno altri raid o si finiscono gli id non finiti. Per discorso raid normal non avrai problemi, se poi vuoi giocare piu seriamente e pensi a fare un progress la mancanza di frequenza ti penalizzerà. Se vuoi parlarne a voce con un officer li trovi sul canale ts di atlantiss sezione madness. Oppure in game.
  12. waymoka1

    Azshara's Veil spots

    i support this post
  13. waymoka1

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    good jobbe
  14. waymoka1

    HolyPaladin 4.3.4 by Allasth for Atlantiss.eu (pve)

    B-b-be more gentle senpai.
  15. waymoka1

    Fire mage gear swap opener

    OK everybody im apparently retarded when you see me around you are free to say anything you want about that t10 stuff and probably my guild will destroy my ego. THO I STAY FIRM ON THE THINGS I SAID ABOUT THE FIXES LET THE SHITSTORM COME. Sorry for wasting your time jenova. rip