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  1. Juicyjay


    banned players should stay banned, why the f*ck would the community want cheaters back. Unbanning players that broke the rules will just encourage more people to cheat because obviously being "perma banned" dosent mean much and if thats the case give me a free pass to cheat once as well and give me some quodan scripts
  2. Juicyjay

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    DS normal weapons aren’t that important. It should be strictly for heroic items.
  3. Juicyjay

    A heartfelt thanks from the Alliance

    we are many, you are but one. we have spoken.
  4. Juicyjay

    A heartfelt thanks from the Alliance

    all i see is scrubs everywhere, il farm you guys either faction so makes no difference
  5. Juicyjay


  6. Juicyjay

    [H][En/PvP] FATALITY

    Hey crud, we aren’t doing RBGs at the moment since we lack pieces for a complete and proper comp. unfortunately not that many PvPers on horde
  7. Juicyjay

    XP rate optimization

    every server has brain dead players thats unavoidable and you cant say every new player that comes to the community with an 80 boost will be toxic. I have guildies that would join this server if the rates were higher (and they are not braindead nor toxic like myself) but i think the last thing people want is a dead server no one can really enjoy the game at that point
  8. Juicyjay

    XP rate optimization

    right but atlantiss community is not growing, its shrinking slowly. higher rate servers will always be more popular. x1 is fine but if the server is dead there will be no one to play with. I dont want to see Atlantiss to die like Nelth on warmane and stuff like this should be considered if we want to grow the community
  9. Juicyjay

    XP rate optimization

    keep rates the same but enable instant level 80 or 85s for premium points
  10. Juicyjay

    XP rate optimization

    this server is not "blizzlike" if they enable cross faction bg
  11. Juicyjay

    [A][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    hello, I am GM of pvp guild <FATALITY> would you be interested in doing some rated bgs sometime this month?
  12. Juicyjay

    Crossfaction BG's

    r1 team in 2s is horde last time i checked and just because resurrected does not do rateds does not mean no horde are interested in doing rateds. im growing my guild right now with plans to do rateds in the future. horde can be competitive but it requires more competent people to play there. how do you expect the server to improve when 75% of the pvp population is on one side with no incentives to promote people to want to play with the other 25% and to balance things. IMO atlantiss isnt doing enough to balance the pvp imbalance. there should be increased honor rates for horde, there should be lowered faction changes to horde but they dont implement these things. i guess they only care about pve
  13. Juicyjay

    Crossfaction BG's

    the only reason 75% voted for cross faction is because 75% of the pvp community is alliance though. people dont want to transfer and that hurts the pvp scene imo but going back and forth solves nothing since they plan to implement it anyway. i guess we will just have to see how it pans out when it gets rolled out
  14. Juicyjay

    Crossfaction BG's

    PvP can be fun here but only if it is balanced, due to the fact the alliance outnumbers the horde pvp community 3 to 1 something needs to change to balance that number out and a good start would be lowering faction changes or even an increased honor rate on horde side so low geared players can gear faster since alliance wins bgs more often games like this arent very fun, 6 dps vs 2 even with an extra healer it makes very little difference in games like this. horde needs more players
  15. Juicyjay

    [H][En/PvP] FATALITY