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  1. I need help guys.. i bought this thing for renameing a guild and its saying over and over again "try agin later"...can you help me?

  2. What happend with Special event dailys for Atlanitss badge of honor?...and when will we get vendors?


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    2. Satnikstadnik


      wow, when will that happen?


    3. Quodan


      Well so mutch for unique rewards xD


    4. Fa ~

      Fa ~

      @Satnikstadnik Yesterday in a conversation on Discord. Developers announce that. Event was over on Apr 21th.

  3. I need help with teragosas chain quest LAst boss in nexus diesapiered when he was around 450k left pls help me!! i need GM

    1. Wojen616


      use ingame ticket system or discord if you need something to be done. Forum is not a place for such a things.

    2. Satnikstadnik


      what is discord channel


    3. Herkor


      Discord is chat, here's the link to join Atlantiss channel

  4. Ejla Ljudi....Novi PVE GUILD na strani HORDE "Marko i Darko"(lvl 3 trenutno) trazi nove aktivne clanove nije bitno koji lvl samo dodite....trenutno nas je 4 i trazimo jos ljudi za core raiding vise informacija mozete se javit ovdje ili ingame pod imenom Satnik.... Vidimo se
  5. Need help with LK, 3rd phase is not working