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  1. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    This ^ Atlantiss sabotage no 1
  2. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    A Warlock guide for Firelands and Dragon Soul

    A lot of good information, good to see next warlock with passion even if that server doesnt deserve ppl like u ;) Guide should be pinned instead of mine, is more actual than mine, just edit it somehow to make it more readable :D
  3. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

    Last time Mirror was viable on atlantiss was before firelands when mastery works rly bad here. Now is more like said mizunegodx "annoying rng trinket" and completly not worth it to equip
  4. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    Heroic Ragnaros Experienced Players Click Here

    Since DA he always was pain in the ass, braindead unskilled guy, nothing new XD
  5. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Come on guyz, kill it, how much overgeared u need to be
  6. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Congratz for u Sathus and Asmodei, also for each other guild member #neversurrender
  7. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

  8. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Pelekon, czemu nadal lamisz? Czy ty mnie po prostu prowokujesz, żebym wrócił do gry?!
  9. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Go go, waitin for video from SoW 1st kill
  10. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    easiest pve class

    That image exist since WOTLK
  11. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    Least Played DPs? (Poll)

  12. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    [Answered] Double Dragon 2.0?

  13. Fafal a Warlock (*)

    Firelands HC Race!

    Popcorn   Chill guyz, after 10 months of firelands normal u've got Heroic mode. After 10 months almost all good players dont play here anymore, but some guilds stay here to make 7/7 /target Ragnaros spit itc WSI kills it as first guild. Ok guyz gj gz gj w/e with exploit or not. I like nefarious boyz but i need to say -> If u nooberta and other nefarious guyz wants to be salty because of their kill, on 2nd time on other server or maybe on this one (#DS2020) kill somethin in first week, show that u are better or somethin, dont make anymore funny kills after 5 weeks of wipes with overgear. tl:dr dont stand in the fire :D   Sry for my poor english. Peace. ps still waiting for 25-man raggy :)))