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  1. fluessig

    Show me ur UI :)

    thats just devouring plague hitting for 1 dmg since the dummy is at 1 hp may i ask what that castbar addon is? and does it support recasted mindflay, quartz doesnt work for me on that part
  2. fluessig

    About Legendary Daggers

    ^ problem with this would be that if heroic release takes too long, everyone will have legendaries on week one since u can gather the stuff on every boss even if u meant releasing it so that u can get the 406 daggers but not gather the third part of legendary mats, im against it. the chain is already such a joke that cutting it in 1/3 until heroic seems unnecessary. gathering legendaries in 10 man takes only about 3 months of farming releasing the entire thing with heroic ds release seems to be the best solution, maybe with giving us the hagara pickpocket part 1 week before that so noone has to do ID hopping just for that shit
  3. fluessig

    PVP[Guide] Subtlety Rogue Patch 4.3.4 (Updated)

    its more of a psychological factor than anything else imo haste does behave blizzlike on atlantiss as far as i can tell (1280 haste give 1 more energy per 10 seconds) what i mean by this is the following, if u think u are going for the correct stat priority, u will be more confident in everything else ever played with 2 items worse than your opponent and u have 40 stat gems while the other guy has full 50s? if u let the fact that he has a small advantage get into your head, you are bound to lose same goes for this haste debate, ever since arty abused this one energy regen bug with double haste proc trinkets, every rogue thinks haste is just godlike which it might be, in pve if u go for haste dont ever forget that pve has 100% uptime on its target whereas pvp doesnt. also in burst scenarios crit outshines haste by far and if u go for haste reforge while wearing bonelink fetish pls go kill yourself
  4. fluessig

    Firelands Hunter PvE Guide

    thats not true at all, mastery has no DR if u are trying to point out that the more mastery u have the more valuable crit becomes u should phrase it differently, and this is true for any stat relation and vice versa so u should if at all write it in a general section and not following mastery
  5. fluessig

    DTR nerf

    this dude insinnuates 20 seconds but he doesnt prove why http://forums.wowmortal.com/howto-guides/21936-add-dragonwrath-tarecgosas-rests-proc-extracd.html thinking about this blizzard might have just added a 20 second icd to the weapon and kept the proc rate the same but made sure icd only goes for direct dmg spells so dots still have no icd cus if they added an icd it would be stupid to have that proc on a low dot
  6. fluessig

    DTR nerf

    your right thanks still weird when i set up tmw i see pow torrents icon not the weapon
  7. fluessig

    DTR nerf

    can someone explain to me why this video shows an ICD on DTR i mean those guys arent some random ppl, they got world first madness hc after all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQkaysuV9WM 2:49 for example
  8. fluessig

    PvE Feral Dps

    do u A use another ability 1.5 seconds after ur last shred cus fk energy i dont use that or B pool energy to 40 and then use a shred since u cannot use shred at >40 energy i rly hope that does it for u if not i give up
  9. fluessig

    PvE Feral Dps

    im going ot answer in a question what do u do urahara when u are at 0 energy
  10. fluessig

    PvE Feral Dps

    wtf is that even supposed to mean. its complete bullshit missing a special move like mangle or shred only sets back your energy bar by a little bit, it doesnt cost u the full 40 energy. and as long as u are not energy capping during that time, almost nothing is lost the reason why hit and expertise gains more importance with high haste builds is that 1. u get more clearcast procs 2. u get more white swing dmg 3. u get more fury swipes and missing or getting dodged on any of these is completely lost dmg (not to mention that fury swipes and ooc proc from white swings so hitting more white swings gives u more procs as well) if u go mastery > haste these 3 things can be small enough to where expertise and hit arent that important what gear u acutally have and how high ur hit rating and expertise is also plays a factor since gtting the last few points ot cap is worth more than getting from 3.01% hit to 3.5 i prolly shouldnt be so anrgy but ive rarely read such bs
  11. fluessig

    Resilience (bugged)

    inb4 find weakness applies to hunter because he has tricks on him joke aside that seems a bit much for 378 bow
  12. fluessig

    Ragnaros 25HC - Arms Warrior PoV

    investiagion? is this some bad joke i dont get or did u rly fail hard to write investigation?
  13. fluessig


    suddenly the rogue of video (stealthbott) has all reforges to haste like who the fuck falls for this?
  14. fluessig

    Flame Leviathan - Ulduar 10

    to activate levi u have to kill the 2 big guys standing in front of levis door once they die, levi comes and u can pull it u dont have to engage levi immediately after they die, if u drag them far enough
  15. fluessig

    Is warrior worth it?

    u can play prot warr on hc spine in dragonsoul, but everywhere else its pretty meh