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    Titan's Grip vs Single-Minded Fury

    I just wanted the answer which Talent is more viable xD cuz SMF looks good on paper but... ; d I'm that kind of person that don't give a fuck bout moaners so I dont care if it's shit or not as it's me playing it not them, I just wanna hear from somebody how SMF stands against TG
  2. ryoukeen

    Titan's Grip vs Single-Minded Fury

    Explain why it's shitty atm?
  3. ryoukeen

    Titan's Grip vs Single-Minded Fury

    Where do I start now... So since I came back to WoW after a long break and my WoW development finished at WOTLK I've got a strategic question. Is SMF worth the toil? I mean apart form dmg burst Titan's Grip makes you look epic, who wouldn't want to be a badass wielding 2 big ass weapons weapons and devastate enemies in the name of Jarilo ekhm ekmh ok straight to the point.   Is basic attack damage increase calculated from the base value (100%) or from fury spec total value (140%). Is off-hand weapon damage increased by additional 20% of total value or is it the same calculation as with fury spec talent that calculates 25% from 50% base (which gives real increase of 12.5% in damage output). Slam strikes come form both main hand and off-hand as separate or is it combined into 1 attack (will it proc off hand weapon effects)?   Another thing is pure stat comparison, as 2-handed weapons provide greater increase to stats and attack power affect 2handed weapons more than 1handed counterparts (attack power increases DPS which means slower weapons get more benefit from it = skills are calculated of higher base value)   So... is SMF worth that talent point, or should I shun away from it and bathe in blood of my enemies in a whirling dance of oversized steel in both hands ; D