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  1. Keep our content alive!

    I agree progression is good and integral to the WoW experience, but this is too high a cost. Your best solution to keep existing players, as evidenced in your second sentence, is to wipe everything players have worked for thus far and make them start all over again in the name of progression, going so far as to wipe the entire realm, everyone's bags and all their PvE achievements. And this is the solution that won't make players lose their minds? Please tell me this is trolling. Not everyone is endgame like yourself and is jonesing for their next progression feels fix, and for the people still in the process of progressing, this is a major setback. What about those close to or already have Dragonwrath? Oops, guess they're just gonna quit because some guy on the forum couldn't progress anymore. I'm pretty sure the devs have zero interest in creating a new realm, porting over every toon, resetting their bags and banks and PvE achievements, filtering out all the 85s and non 85s and wiping the current realm, all in the name of player retention. And frankly, I don't want them to have interest because they have way better things to do, like scripting DS so the rest of us can progress. The best solution for you is to get a group of guildies and roll new toons. By all means, you're welcome to progress all you want from there but leave the rest of us alone, please. The majority of us happen to like our accounts, and especially our mains. As for the original post, I voted yes for characters only, but that's only because there wasn't a "makes no real difference" option and because I found FL fun. FL will likely still be relevant in DS due to the legendary weapon being BiS going into DS (except maybe for DS HC gear), and also because it's a dope legendary in general. It doesn't really make a difference whether you attune the instance or not since FL has been out for a while now and most everyone who wants to raid DS will already have the FL achievement. As such, this would only affect new players but there aren't that many new players to warrant Atlantiss breaking their Blizzlike rule and making a new attunement quest/NPC/whatever.
  2. Truegold gone.

      Man I thought I was going crazy. Made 6 Dragonscale Leg enchs, put one of them on the AH and when I tried putting the other 5 up, they were gone from my bag. Same thing happened to me with a few Drakehides as well. At least I now know I'm not the only one. Sucks a lot but I'll try logging out the proper way now. 
  3. I'm interested in applying for the open GM position but the email obfuscation service provided by CloudFlare prevents me from seeing the email address, as seen in the first image. I've already enabled Javascript in Chrome as per the suggestion in the second image but that didn't solve the issue. Google searches don't really have anything with regards to the end-user either, unfortunately. I just want the email so it would be greatly appreciated if an admin/moderator could PM the address to me, or propose an alternate solution.    Thanks.