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  1. Dk, Event and RAF.

  2. Questions to the Staff

    Hello! First of all, Im not creating this post to critize your work, and of course I have no clue how scripting goes in this game Few things arent clear for me Why do you prefer raids over quests/questing areas? When ppl ask when will you script the rest of Twilight Highland, your answer is "Its working enough to earn lvl 85" Why is your goal to let us earn lvl 85 without problems instead of fully scripting areas? Why do you focus on raids more than questing areas? Lets take Vashjir for example Bored, unpatient people who want raids as fast as possible could farm there Azshara's Veil (which is really rare right now) or farm Poseidus, or Mobus world boss There are so many achievement hunters, or just bored people, who cant finish Badlands, TH, Stonetalon, Icecrown achievements because they are not scripted There would be more achievements to do, more quests, more dailies to do, more world bosses to kill (Jullak-Doom, Mobus), more herbs to gather, more rare mobs/pets to farm, people would havemore things to do meanwhile waiting for raids And i'm not talking about current state, talking in general, which happened in the last years, why wasnt your first goals to script these areas before scripting Firelands? As I said above, I have no idea how scripting goes, so sorry if I offended you devs, I dont want such comments like "become scripter yourself and you will see how hard it is" I really appreciate your work, just I dont understand your mentailities/preferrings Regards Trolloh
  3. Why does this recipe cost 250k gold? http://www.wowhead.com/item=68782 I've bought the other two (http://www.wowhead.com/item=68781 and http://www.wowhead.com/item=68783) for 10k each The Reverberating meta gem is not even more rarer than the other two, im totally confused now..
  4. does the thunderfury quest line work and if yes, are the items obtainable?
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    2. Kaminya


      Hello Trolloh. The quest DOES work, and the items ARE obtainable. :)
    3. User101


      Not sure if it is possible to transmog Legendary items tho
    4. Lavenia/Metzo


      You can't transmog legendary items, but Thunderfury questline is working and the items are obtainable.