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  1. [Answered] TBC World bosses

    Im curious if world bosses from BC spawn here correctly or not? I've been checked Khazzak and Doomwalker every hour for 1 week without luck..
  2. Hey! Im wondering if worldbosses from BC spawn here eventually? I've been checking Doomwalker and Khazzak every day without luck
  3. GW 2 GUI for Cata?

    I searched alot for this addon in Google, couldnt find it then I gave up ,didnt think about it.. thx
  4. GW 2 GUI for Cata?

  5. GW 2 GUI for Cata?

    I watched a lot videos of Guild Wars 2 GUI and I rly like it but the addon is only compatible with WOD and Legion.. do you guys know any such addons or maybe is there a way to transfer the addon to Cata?
  6. [Answered] How do you instal addons?

    Finally a person who is not that kind of "google is your friend" :)
  7. CLCret

    Isnt it boring? You link it below every topic when someone ask something.. such a helpful person
  8. [Answered] seriously?

    what headless horseman? hallow's end didnt even start?
  9. [Answered] Blizzlike pathing

  10. Skipped dungeons

    You have to go there manually and solo, u will get jp in 70+ instances I think
  11. Beth'tilac 10HC - Madness Guild

    How much spirit do the druid have? His combat regen is so fucking nice :O
  12. [Answered] Close bugged instances until fixed

    I've finished deadmines after killing the second boss like 5 times.. all you have to do is someone in ur group should do the relog bug (w+space spam at loading screen) kill the mobs then take the robot, move it to the door and everyone can get through .. but yea +1
  13. [Answered] Ready for Raiding

    Be patient, they will take a look at that.. 
  14. [Answered] Question about SoR

    Thx for the answer! :D
  15. [Answered] Question about SoR

    Yep but I didnt get the point of this update.. before that update I used SoR on an account had lvl 85 before.. so the new update means its no longer available in accs with 80+ chars?