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  1. Who are you in real life?!

    Everyone feel free to admire me but i only love Bloodyboo here.. @BloodybooII Hit me up i u wane see the rest of my body, im only 17y/o but will be 18 in 2 months so dw
  2. The Best Of Each Class

    I want to let u all know i got banned so no more best lock on server exists u all trash. Peace
  3. Expertise ?

    stack stamina
  4. Honor weapons

    You can't obtain them you need to donate
  5. [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    Sounds like the edgiest guild on server, ill join for more edgy teens for edgy memes and edgy screams
  6. How to get ur comments deleted !!

    You only live once, so make sure you spend 15 hours on the internet desperately seeking the attention of strangers.

    Atlantiss inspires me to make memes

    Good job on the video and trying to motivate the player base with these cool pvp videos Hatedlol and Hadralt, this inspired me to play a rogue <3<3

    Why is everone here bashing Hatedlol? Stop being rude leave him alone!
  10. Hosting 2VS2 Tournament With Big Prize Pool

    Keep the prizes the same
  11. Hosting 2VS2 Tournament With Big Prize Pool

    Just change the title to "hosting 3vs3 tournament..." please it will be more interesting and fun.
  12. Warlock: Hand of Gul'dan - Fixed applying buff on battlegroud/arena (in some cases was not warking)...... wtf is this even a fix? i'd suggest fixing pet's movements and all.. they need total rework

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    2. Fafal a Warlock (*)
    3. Jenova


      thefafal - maybe instead of no one cares did you every think no one has time? Did you ever think that fixing one bug sometimes takes a whole day? Did you ever think that fixing one BG takes a whole month? Did you ever think that not every Dev knows how to fix everything? Do you know we have 2 Devs that fix spells / talents? Did you know that probably around a thousand spell / talent / pet bugs have already been fixed? Did you know you can't just write "Everything work!"? Some issues wait 2 years, some wait 1 day, it depends on the bug, on the time it takes to fix it, if a Dev has an idea how to fix it and so on. Stop crying and become a Dev, show us how it's done. Teach us how to care.

    4. Ashrasmun


      I have never had problems with my managing how my pets move. I would even suggest that their the movement is quite stellar on this server. Many people just don't know how to do it properly.