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  1. Warlock: Hand of Gul'dan - Fixed applying buff on battlegroud/arena (in some cases was not warking)...... wtf is this even a fix? i'd suggest fixing pet's movements and all.. they need total rework

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    2. Fafal a Warlock (*)
    3. Jenova


      thefafal - maybe instead of no one cares did you every think no one has time? Did you ever think that fixing one bug sometimes takes a whole day? Did you ever think that fixing one BG takes a whole month? Did you ever think that not every Dev knows how to fix everything? Do you know we have 2 Devs that fix spells / talents? Did you know that probably around a thousand spell / talent / pet bugs have already been fixed? Did you know you can't just write "Everything work!"? Some issues wait 2 years, some wait 1 day, it depends on the bug, on the time it takes to fix it, if a Dev has an idea how to fix it and so on. Stop crying and become a Dev, show us how it's done. Teach us how to care.

    4. Ashrasmun


      I have never had problems with my managing how my pets move. I would even suggest that their the movement is quite stellar on this server. Many people just don't know how to do it properly.

  2. hai

    Thats ugly as fuck
  3. My acc is bugged i cant speak on chatbox

    1. Narilrave


      Its not bugged you just have to have minimum amount of posts before you can unlock chatbox.

    2. Piklo19


      20 posts if i remember well

    3. Windcaller


      It is indeed 20 posts.

  4. hai

  5. S11 inc tomorrow