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  1. stack stamina
  2. your account is not bugged, your mindset is bugged and a bit retarded.
  3. You can't obtain them you need to donate
  4. Sounds like the edgiest guild on server, ill join for more edgy teens for edgy memes and edgy screams
  5. w h o c a r e s ?
  6. You only live once, so make sure you spend 15 hours on the internet desperately seeking the attention of strangers.
  7. Happened to me before and it was because of a tiny unimportant addon that i didn't give a fuck about, since i disabled it everything went back to normal. Ithink it was a nameplates addon forgot the name
  8. Atlantiss inspires me to make memes
  9. Good job on the video and trying to motivate the player base with these cool pvp videos Hatedlol and Hadralt, this inspired me to play a rogue <3<3
  10. Why is everone here bashing Hatedlol? Stop being rude leave him alone!
  11. most retarded thing i've ever read... enough Atlantiss for today i guess x)
  12. Keep the prizes the same
  13. Just change the title to "hosting 3vs3 tournament..." please it will be more interesting and fun.
  14. That comeback tho..