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  1. Sounds about right
  2. Didn't it surprise you that they all have the same date for 'No activity since...'? I just made a new character to check, and, surprise surprise: Recent Activity » No activity since 24 February 2014 So that only means that the character hasn't had any activity yet, but it does not mean that the character has been inactive for years. Maybe someone is saving that name, but for a shorter period. This is something you can't see as a player.
  3. As Fa says, make a ticket. You'll have to do so whenever you want to start a new faction, but my experience is that this is a ticket that is answered very quickly so it's not much of an issue.
  4. Stranglekelp is all over the place in 1k Needles, unfortunately that still makes it very hard to farm with all the (deepish) water.
  5. This is bugged, and is reported on the bugtracker:
  6. Ok I stand corrected, totally read past the mop part.
  7. The link you're posting could refer to pre-4.0.6a, when this was supposedly countered: . (See February 11:
  8. In my experience, the huge guilds are indeed very quiet, and that is not restricted to this server. When someone joins such a big guild it's usually not for community but just to get the guild perks. Such a guild is too big to really get to know each other, and chances are there are people in there who don't speak your language too. Since I play on horde side I can't really give you any advice on fun guilds, so I'll just wish you good luck in finding one
  9. There is a place on the forums dedicated to guild recruitment, that would probably be a better place for this post:
  10. What you could try is downloading the mini client, but replacing the data folder from the mini client with the data folder you currently have. This should give you a 'complete' client again. If this works you can afterwards try to replace the wtf folder and add your addons, this should give you all your settings back (including addon settings).
  11. Just wanted to add my take on this, I always raid in a full guild group that's currently progressing fl hc: Bale room is indeed a great place to do it, and we used to kill Shannox there. However if you want to kill him before Bale, then Alys room is (in our opinion) the most convenient empty space. (We want him dead first so we don't run into him after wiping on Bale hc, which still happens rather often *cough*). I wonder if, in Edge004's view, this should be a bannable offense. All of us have gotten the achievement in the regular way, we are all capable of doing him elsewhere, just, bug or no bug, this area happens to be the most convenient.
  12. Dude, why necro a month old post that has been answered: not gonna happen. I have played on one server that had this and kept it up consistently, but that was a small pve server that was cross-faction in every aspect, so also raids and world chat etc.
  13. it's still a few colours short of a rainbow though
  14. As Kilimandaros says. Also, if it were in fact a bug, you would have to post it on the bugtracker, not on the forum.
  15. You will have to abandon and retake all of the Mark of the World Tree quests when you want to turn them in (or just don't take them until you're ready to turn them in)