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  1. I would advise instead of Major Glyphing THunder Clap - Glyphing Sunder Armor instead (affect devastate aswell) - keeps doing more threat and also improves dmg of group. And as said Lanrutcon - Rallying Cry is (in my eyes) more usefull than Last Stand - group can take some AoE - healers have easier job. Also glyphing Victory Rush is a nice way to bring some more survivability to warrior. It has saved many wipes. My build: http://freecode.hu/wowtal/eng/?WR#32.3-3.35-23233200121212212031!12,22,25,-1,-1,-1,21,13,20   (Edit: not 2 points in Heroic Strike, bud in Cruelty in Fury ^^)
  2. Jesper

    Prot warrior PvP?

    Absolutely no. In wotlk was prot war fun in pvp. Now only agony at 85. Except of pvp leveling in bg´s.
  3. Jesper

    Enha +

    Well Stormstrike gives you additional chance to crit with Nature spells. And effect of this trinket is Nature Spell DMG - so it should be afected with Stormstrike.
  4. Jesper

    [Q] Resto shaman stats

    Well you just pick items with mail spirit, no need to gem that. Stats priority is Int - crit/haste - mastery (that means you try to avoid mastery).
  5. Jesper

    Creating a Shaman

    Well on cata are shamans species very well boostet. In my optinion is Enhancement best for pve, but ele can handle it aswell. In pvp is ele downrated for reasons, i recommend you to read some pvp guides. I know that on server are some pvp enha shamans, but dont know how to play them to rock in pvp :P Resto is a nice spec both in pve and pvp.