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  1. Qubzy

    Gladiator mounts

    For me : http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Deadly_Gladiator's_Frostwyrm
  2. Qubzy

    XP rate optimization

    @VlxYou compare grocery store and PC store, thats 2 different things, we are talking here about same game. Nothing changes in game (I mean on game mechanics, raid,dungeons,bgs,arenas). You just get faster to max lvl. Their business wont change and if you change grocery store to PC store its completely another store. Atlantiss isnt selling itself (the product) cause of x1 leveling rates, atlantiss is "selling" quality scripts and mechanics , and 90% of population is playing for endgame content, no1 actually plays just to level up and then make new char and level up new char and like that over and over... Overreacting next level... Stop complaining about things that are never mentioned, like who the fuck mentioned anything about gear? Stop predicting future plz,the more I read stuff what you here write, its more like "hey i leveled on x1 reputation more than 10 characters, if I did it, you must do it too..." About noobs that "are" coming with bigger population, you have a option to choose whom will you invite to raid, you are not forced to invite new ppl to raid nor guild...
  3. Qubzy

    XP rate optimization

    Guys stop complicating this. I dont see why is bad idea to increase xp rate if everything else stays "blizzlike". Its not gonna ruin the game, actually it will raise population. If you think that people wont learn their class if they level up faster, you are wrong cause even if you are a newbie and you have no clue how to play the game, you cant learn rotation while leveling, you cant learn pvp while leveling,you cant learn end game tactics while leveling...everyone have to search for some guide on google/youtube in order to learn his/her class, even if you tell the guy priority of spells he will still be a noob and wont be moving when boss do some AoE blasts, so from my point of view and from my personal experience I'd say that newbies can learn game mechanics too. If some "mongols" from other server come here, they will probably die few times cuz they not moving out from AoE, but also they will learn after few times, so I dont think this gonna be a problem, this game isnt that hard to learn (PvE-wise). I still dont see any 'serious' problem with this idea.. The only arguments are like : "You already have RaF and weekly bonuses, enough is enough." - Yes, you do have all this and still population is going down, its still too boring to lvl up. "If we get faster leveling rates, only noobs will come." - Look at the beans one more time, tell me the future.. "Server was fine with 400 players, it will be fine with 800 too" - Absolutely bullshit. More people = more money for server which can be invested in Staff Team(?) "its not blizzlike" - Ye, tell me some blizzlike private server which has more than 2k population and its alive for years... I'd like to hear some quality arguments against this suggest :) P.S Reminder that Im not insulting anyone in this post, just giving my personal opinion.
  4. Qubzy

    XP rate optimization

    Why does it bother you guys to have x5 or x7 rep server if they implement xp optimization, you can still choose x1 or x3 or x4... I dont have nothing against people who loves leveling, so if you love leveling and want to do it slowly, put experience which you want, if you dont love it turn max xp on. I still cant see the bad side of this idea, what bad will happen if they implement this? Only thing which I can see is increased population. Also when I say to my friends from other servers to come here, there are 2 reasons they dont wanna join and those are : x1 xp rate leveling and low PvP population. From my experience most of the PvP players hate leveling, they just want to go arenas on 85lvl or bgs... I personally log just for arenas, occasionally raid (once in a 3weeks mby) and rated bgs. I have 3 or 4 characters on 80-84 lvl and I dont want to waste time leveling when I can kill some whorde or other arena teams. As I said, there is that server with 2k population and very bad scripts, imagine giving offer to those players to come to play on the server with excellent scripts (when I say it I mean much much better than there) on high leveling xp rate. I would experiment with it, atleast for some time to see. PvP-wise, this server doesnt offer anything, low pvp population, must wait for peak hours for 2s, must wait for fridays for 3s, must wait sundays for rateds... PvE-wise, server is offering a lot but you have to spend lot of time to level up. Higher xp rate=more population=bigger community= more raids=more satisfied players. But thast just my opinion... If anyone can explain if why is this bad idea, I'd like to learn, thx.
  5. Qubzy

    XP rate optimization

    Imo x5 or x7 would be great. I know a lot of guys who would come from other servers if leveling xp would be x5 or x7. For others who like x1 and RaF and weekly bonuses, you could just set command to have x1 xp if you want to. As Bolster said, most people play the game for the end game content... And tbh, every blizzlike server dies, no matter of expansion... Atlantiss cant hit more than 1k players anymore, I've been following online player status for like 3 weeks. If you dont believe that our server will be more populated if you implement XP rate optimization, check other servers with higher xp rate. For example there is mwow with 2k population just because of fast leveling, class/leveling/raid/dungeon scripts are really bad, they have 4.3.4 active since 2k13, havent scripted dragon soul since then,neither firelands,neither BoT.... and still double more populated than atlantiss..
  6. Ye I got what you saying and I can agree that in 25man is harder to coordinate with humans but its easier when it comes to surviving while in10man is relatatively easy to move but harder to react and survive due to less (limited) cds in rotation (and maybe buffs). If you put "dream team" from 10man into 25man raid they can carry other plebs when it comes to DPS,Tanks getting bigger hits but have more healers to outheal while in 10man every individual have to do the requirement. Anyway I will stay with my opinion, you can stay with yours I have no problems with that :) We went bit out of topic here tho... the poll question was simple, we made it hard :/
  7. if we look it like that, if healers dont heal - wipe if you stand in fire = wipe which spell can wipe the raid after one cast? only spine can knock you off if you dont hear leader yelling on voice call that you should stack... so if I click holy radiance once by mistake I will wipe the raid ? thats not same dragon soul we talking bout...
  8. void of unmaking on warlord cant actually wipe the raid unless tank make mistake and/or ball somehow goes through players and touch the wall.. deep corruption to wipe the raid you need to receive more than 5 heals so basically if 1 out of 5 healers make mistake its fine but you dont invite newbie healers to 25man raids...
  9. You say its easy to create a dream team of 10man and smash the boss so 25man is harder cause you cant assemble dream team? you SURELY can assemble 25man dream team on atlantiss. I agree there is more chance that someone will make mistake on 25man raid cuz of human factor,but also you can fix some mistakes easier than on 10man. Linking anything from retail is pointless? lol. Why would I search for World Firsts footage from retail if its pointless? But hey I like pointless stuff so I searched, most of world first ARE 25man raids.Why so? must be that 10man were too easy and not worth of world first achievement... Im gonna ask you why "really hardcore" guilds from retail, lets speak about world first guilds... Why they went for 25man and not 10man? They were racing for world first, why wouldnt they go 10man "dream team" ?
  10. 10man is harder by default, no need for extra buffs. Only hard thing in 25man (imo) is movement, everyones mistakes can be allowed when it comes to cd usage (except tanks) while in 10man raids if healer make mistake with some important cd, its way harder to fix it than in 25man. I will write my opinion of pros and cons of 10 and 25man raids : 25man pros : more healers = more cds =more chances to crit heal or crit dmg and save the day, mistakes can be allowed (except tanks) 25man cons : harder movement 10man pros : ? 10man cons : less cds, no cd usage mistakes allowed. I'd say more ppl = less problems, less ppl=more problems. If you think 25man is harder look at this : Dragon Soul 25man progression on retail Rank Guild Realm Progress Criteria 1 즐거운공격대 (25) KR-Kargath 8/8 (H) 45000.00 2 Stars (25 r) TW-Crystalpine Stinger 8/8 (H) 44333.33 3 Blood Legion (25 r) US-Illidan 8/8 (H) 20911.11 4 DREAM Paragon (10/25 r) EU-Lightning's Blade 7/8 (H) 20855.55 5 Method (10/25 r) EU-Xavius 7/8 (H) 20800.00 Dragon Soul10man progression on retail : Rank Guild Realm Progress Criteria 1 In extremis (10) KR-Norgannon 8/8 (H) 45000.00 2 Silent (10) EU-Illidan 7/8 (H) 21234.44 3 Crakers (10) KR-Hellscream 7/8 (H) 20957.22 4 Интервенция (10) EU-Свежеватель Душ 7/8 (H) 20891.11 5 Wings of Aurora (10) TW-Howling Fjord 7/8 (H) 20546.11 x3 25man raid guilds killed 8/8 while just 1 10man raid killed 8/8......
  11. Qubzy

    Crossfaction BG's

    If I play whole season on alliance and then on the end of season change to horde, does it makes me horde player? Braha, Quodan are constantly changing factions and they are only one competing for titles (if you consider them as horde players, which I dont because they've been playing on ally most of the time). Every player who's getting title on horde is actually alliance player :'D I mean, your guild is just a copy of infected with some other "unknown" players (no offense). Does your rated bg group contains any of (main char) infected core members (playson,kaspi,dkgodx,kabash,jorach etc not counting braha and quodan)?
  12. Qubzy

    Crossfaction BG's

    If you look it from other side, I personally cant stand more than 15 mins in Durotar/Orgrimar cause (imo) it looks awful and the races are ugly af +racials arent that good as Humans (imo) ; also I dont wanna waste my free time in 30min que just to finish in 5-10mins... You cant "force" ppl to change faction to Horde if they want fast que. And ye, about hurting Horde PvP scene.... what pvp scene? hordies just queing random bgs, doing 2s "just for cap", 3s dead in general and not willing to have rated bgs against alliance (any guild). Overall PvP scene is dead on horde. The only thing which will "hurt" horde is : losing privilege of faster RANDOM bg ques, thats it. At the end people who like Horde will play Horde, people who like Alliance will play Alliance.
  13. Qubzy

    1st ATS Cataclysmic Season winners + rules changes

    Would like to add 1 more thing which I consider as a hole in the system : Lets say Team X abuses some bug or hacks in 2v2 arena (distract / camo bug for example or fly hack) ; both players from team X should be banned (1 player because of abusing, his teammate should be banned cause he didnt reported bug-abusing / hacks to GM's) and unable to receive award on the end of the season If the bug abuse / hack happens outside of arena, only individual gets banned. If this happens on a tournament realm, players get banned on main realm too and whole team should be disqualified from the tournament. If player abuses multiple times on 1 or more characters, he should be completely banned from the server (banning his every character / IP ban or idk).
  14. Qubzy

    1st ATS Cataclysmic Season winners + rules changes

    Its still same game... They could make separate season endings for each bracket Edit : with Vote points for games played system, I think ppl would que more and if so, its easier to gain/lose rating. 3s que wouldnt be so dead and you could expect various of comps not just top teams and snipe teams. 1.9k -2k for gladiator? Let ppl suffer for such "unique"reward. Our server isnt populated like the blizzard ones but hey we have more than 90-100 pvpers? You need 3 guys for 1 team which is minimum 30 teams... There are few pvp guilds out there, for example Infected. They (we) have more than 15+ online players during the evening and night, imagine if they assemble teams and actually que something else than 2s for cap and random bgs.
  15. Qubzy

    1st ATS Cataclysmic Season winners + rules changes

    I'd set it even on 70%-80% to prevent players to jump from team to team and abuse mmr and get title with 30 played games... ✔ Need other solution because ; if I take your char and play for title and eventually get it, we can just say that you gave me that account and its not your char anymore. Just fix mmr asap. Would try it out, ppl would have to que 3s more to get an title. Maybe like this : Play 20-30 games in 3s and send screenshot or armory link to email or PvP GM and for lets say 20 played games players should get 10 vote points or so. Also maybe add more xmog things on website so ppl could actually play for xmogs or other things. Also maybe set rating requirement for a title on [min] 2.3k rating in 3s for rank1 to get a title. It requires much effort and many played games to get a title and there wont be gladiators with 1.8k or 2k rating which is absurd. Check how much rating gladiators have/had on retail...You could also set minimum played games requirement for title(?) Also when it comes to bugs I would put large reward for the guy or grp of ppl who find out exactly whats wrong with bug (e.g : ppl say resilience isnt working and spread the rummors so now everyone saying that) Find a proof,send it,get reward. Aaalso change rule for wintrading or bug abusing / exploiting. Should be way more strict than fish bot... Either ban them perma or IP ban ( IP ban more likely!) P.S GZ everyone on titles Regards, Qubzy.