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  1. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    1. Pelekon_dev


      Arty go sleep you are drunk xd

    2. Threetree


      Pele go study you need to pass this exam. (You know why) xD

    3. Aviann


      Gunship exam

  2. Hi hello, I'd like to know how to play priest and pve, do you have time to teach me plss?

    1. Quro


      Yeah sure. PM your number and I will call you. ^^

    2. Threetree


      Okay, 12345678910. Call me tonight kaay^^

  3. PvP Hunter on Atlantiss

    How do you expect a monkey to listen to you when you didnt even feed him a Banana once?
  4. May the bored people come watch

    Hello Arty here, from today on I will edit and will be posting Arena clips or funny clips and even Old clips time to time on you YT channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRj38SNttivAuV4ehkf4dnw So if you're bored or when youre bored come watch.
  5. Its time for a movie again!!

  6. 2v2

    Yes give us more good healers on server!! Good vid btw
  7. Its time for a movie again!!

  8. Its time for a movie again!!

    Hello Arty here, Since nobody been posting on pvp topic I will!! Arty 2 movie Haters or friends May you enjoy!!
  9. go sleep kurwa

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    2. Efrell


      yes i had XD 

    3. Threetree


      Kurwa ragnaros ran away

    4. Quodan


      Ragnaros deaaaad and got his little birdy now as my mount xD 

  10. Explaination

    Yum Yum more hate, keep it coming.
  11. Explaination

    He was already full haste in the video tho, just reforged to crit to test things out.
  12. Explaination

    Good to know that you just liked your own post with your alt accounts, feelsbadman with a gun.
  13. Explaination

    Okay, so since all of you are going crazy what's going on in Elanns video. 1. If you reforge full haste as a rogue and you use NORMAL Matrix or Hungerer on top, You will get more than 5 ambushes off in a Shadow Dance. It's not supposed to be like that, even on warmane with full haste you couldn't have this energy regen as you do on ATLANTISS. YES it's a server bugg, that they didn't fix haste for Rogues and Ferals properly. 2. Once your energy is above 13.00 It buggs out crazy as you can see in Elanns video. This is also a server bugg. Nobody knows how to do it, I believe it all happens when you eat too much CC in arena and or it's a talent bugg with Recuperate. I don't know. Also, If a warlock cc's you too much in arenas, you get this server buggs that makes you immune to all stuns, roots etc. Dying or Relogging fixes it. 3. All the screenshots that's flying around. It's to make it look "Cool" but yeah I really don't know how to do it, it's a server bugg that happened like 4 times to me in whole 3 years of playing. I noticed something was wrong, when Lingu and Qbab, and a horde rogue called Zatana or smth was doing crazy damage. There you got it, Stop crying and all the HATERS come at me if you want. Beside this you can see on my TWITCH and VIDEO, everything so. IN THE END WE'RE PLAYING ON RETAIL CALLED ATLANTISS, WHERE THERES NO BUGGS AND EVERYTHING IS PERFECT but yeah L2P and have a good day. Ps. I guess you've got your excuse now when you lose to me in arena^^
  14. Soon...