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  1. ItsArty

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Thank you Mateusz, for me you will always be the guild master of IMMORTAL LEGION. Thank you for always taking my side, I really appriciate everything you've done for me. I love you man. Happy to hear that you will still be here playing with us. My brother, I'm proud of you too. THE ONE AND ONLY GLADIATOR EFRELALKUS. To everyone in IMMORTAL LEGION, I love you all and I hope we can clear 25HC before we all go away.
  2. ItsArty

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    Well spoken young man, the only thing you forgot was, "Otherwise l2p"
  3. ItsArty

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    Remove legendary procs, disable DS HC trinket procs, madness weapon procs, keep the rest. Nothing else to say.
  4. ItsArty

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    He has every rights to choose whatever the f he wants. You're basically telling him to not have an opinion just because he plays PvE. Grow the f up smh.
  5. ItsArty


    1. If we had AMNESTY, he would be unbanning about 6-10 people including me. 2. Wintraders only get banned for 1 month, they are already unbanned or will get unbanned anyways, because it's not permanent. 3. Players thinking Emtecc doing this for population are either lying to themselves or are completely delusional. 4. PvE players hating, because they don't benefit anything from it and I totally understand their frustration, anger and jealousy. Also not everyone follows PvP drama and knows exactly everything so it's just normal that they would react this way. 5. PvP players being salty and hating because they think It's ONLY about Me, Elann and Hatedlol because we have/had huge impact on the PvP community and history with it and acting like we did something personal. 6. This poll is kinda pointless, I wouldn't want my unbann depending on players who don't even know us, know what we did, commenting like we did something personal against you. 7. THIS IS ALL MY OPINION. If you wanna talk something out, send a private message.
  6. ItsArty

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    B.U.B.B.L.E. Fell down
  7. ItsArty

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    Paladin is very good ok
  8. ItsArty

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Thank you brother ❤️
  9. ItsArty

    Gladiator mounts

    I'll take http://www.wowhead.com/item=50435/wrathful-gladiators-frost-wyrm Wrathful one ) on both rogues
  10. ItsArty

    About Legendary Daggers

    Good point mr Srdjan23
  11. ItsArty

    About Legendary Daggers

    After DS HC is pointless because there are 410 weapons and other good stuff from drop. So Imo during DS HC or abit before so you can have t1 when DS HC starts. Edit: People who are not rogues, or jealous rogues are gonna be really op, are probably the ones voting after DS HC rofl.
  12. ItsArty

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Thanks bro, best gm much love❤️
  13. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    1. Pelekon_dev


      Arty go sleep you are drunk xd

    2. ItsArty


      Pele go study you need to pass this exam. (You know why) xD

    3. Aviann
  14. Hi hello, I'd like to know how to play priest and pve, do you have time to teach me plss?

    1. Quro


      Yeah sure. PM your number and I will call you. ^^

    2. ItsArty


      Okay, 12345678910. Call me tonight kaay^^