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  1. Baleroc 25HC incomming soon
  2. bump
  3. Arms warrior lf rsham/hpal or rly good rdudu to play in Arty's Tournament. my experience is only 2.6k in 2s and 2k in 3s on atlantiss but i hope we can achieve something in this tournament
  4. 8:50 - 9:35 shows how dreadflames are fucked up on atlantiss
  5. everyone knows that Quodan on hunter is bad idea
  6. like from alan :*
  7. actual r1 dodged after 1 game.. so yeah..
  8. Check pvp ladder on armory. Sooo many horde teams
  9. can be closed/deleted
  10. LF someone with Pattern: Stylin' Adventure Hat recipe http://www.wowhead.com/item=25729/pattern-stylin-adventure-hat
  11. daj mi, to dam Ci konto Calladina xD
  12. Waiting for Grounding Totem fix <changes Firelord title for Patient>

    1. Quodan


      Gotta love that grounding totem people abuses it 24/7 hahaha fucking glyph xD


    2. blinkmasterx


      Having this totem glyphed should be automatically punished with ban for 7 days

    3. Quodan


      People use this on purpose and lets face it nobody gonna use that glyph in 3s or 2s not at least any brained shaman hahaha :D I already talked with Naril he told that he will talk to Jenova about disabling the glyph till its fixed so we can just wait for a while.But yeah ban the idiots who uses it!

  13. gz Tellurxogórx
  14. Want to buy Relentless Gladiator's Tabard from Atlantiss Shop. Max Price 15k gold.
  15. If you won't fix Grounding Totem in short time, can you disable glyph at least?