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  1. Warrior - Nymzgotx, Galko Warlock - Fearyourself, Drfilømd(Saburo) Shaman Resto - Champk, Bustyplz Shaman Enh - Rakrakk Rogue - Lingu>Demonhunter>Arty>someone>Hateddog Priest - Braha aka Dmgerpriest, Debtheone Paladin - Sacjktrinket(Wingnanx), Archelion(Imperius, Calladin) Mage - Blinkmaster, Quodan Hunter - Damo Druid Feral - Bogurodzica?[*], Saburo Druid Balance - Boomkingx(wingnanx) Death Knight - Dkgodx, Dannyraise(Arty) This is my list. Only skilled players not fking GIT GOAT bg heroes
  2. did you get ORCasm? <looking on chat> Get Good
  3. No to podanie juz mozna odrzucic Kappa
  4. http://immortallegionats.enjin.com/ come to Alan <3 actually we need combat rogue for 25hc
  5. this thread gave me cancer
  6. reupload with small fix
  7. I would like to present you our promotion video! video below
  8. damn, i have to transfer to horde to join GIT GUT!
  9. @rakrakk waiting for it Btw do you know that Rakrakk in polish sounds Cancercancerr? xD
  10. hi im farmer
  11. Baleroc 25HC incomming soon
  12. bump
  13. Arms warrior lf rsham/hpal or rly good rdudu to play in Arty's Tournament. my experience is only 2.6k in 2s and 2k in 3s on atlantiss but i hope we can achieve something in this tournament