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  1. Waiting for Grounding Totem fix <changes Firelord title for Patient>

    1. Quodan


      Gotta love that grounding totem people abuses it 24/7 hahaha fucking glyph xD


  2. gz Tellurxogórx
  3. Want to buy Relentless Gladiator's Tabard from Atlantiss Shop. Max Price 15k gold.
  4. If you won't fix Grounding Totem in short time, can you disable glyph at least?
  5. it's worth max 35k. Just saying. After discount even less
  6. solo que, fast AV
  7. anyone have or know how to set up DR tracker in gladius?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Elannsi


      In description it's written that it has dr tracker. In options it's enabled but it doesn't work ;p

    3. Sniprepgodx


      Try one of these, Maybe one of them has working DR tracker.
      I remb year ago whole addon didn't want to work, just here on ats (It did work on other cata servers!)

    4. Hadralt


      I was wondering the same thing a couple of days ago. There is an add-on available called DR tracker that works with gladius. I just had to download that and it was working. 

  8. stfu Quonab. Play mage 24/7 blazing speed, quod will teach you
  9. Brawo chlopaki. Pokazaliscie kozakom kto jest lepszy
  10. I took part in rateds organized by Infected many times. Everytime even if i win or lose im having so much fun. I hope every week we will have more people to play Rated BGs together. Kaspii and his mates do great job for PvP community. GJ Mr.Boomy and... For the Alliance!
  11. 2:12 best moment hahaha. Clickmaster
  12. bogurodzica>you
  13. spóźnione gz
  14. LUL in 2017 LUL. But still, you are talking something about tryharding to Prostowryj and you do the same. And it's not 1,2,3 bgs. I qued bg, seen 10 ppl premade from Dognity, ended bg then qued 3-5 hours later and you were still playing. And yeah, carry in rated bg. It's about the teamplay. Maybe that's the main problem why you lose every game. Consider who should grow up :?