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  1. The Best Form of PvP

    you can.
  2. The Best Form of PvP

    ekhm.. the best form of pvp is 3v3
  3. Ragnaros 25HC - Arms Warrior PoV

    exactly like Sphinx said ;p i got perfect reforges (961 hit, 691 expertise)
  4. Coś więcej czy to już koniec ??

    6. Kiedy Kel'Thuzad
  5. Razghul 85 Mage PvP Movie (World PvP/Bg)

  6. Post "Best RBG score" :D

    solo que, intense bg
  7. 10 mins for what? :P

    1. Elann
    2. Calmurtits


      add me in game, Calmurtits, human warrior...

  8. PvP Hunter on Atlantiss

    cuz it's Mighty Harambe?
  9. PvP Hunter on Atlantiss

    video is only 36s lenght, 2lazy to check all my recordings
  10. Arms Warrior 4.3.4 ULTIMATE PvP GUIDE

    Give me 10minutes x]
  11. The Best Of Each Class

    small correction :-)
  12. PvP Frost Mage, need some advices

    ^ had to say it xDDD