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  1. Elann

    WTS Balance Druid with DTR

    It's like saying that you play pve but you only do rhc lul xD. And yeah, it's not surprising that it may become boring if you play only bgs/rhc.
  2. Elann

    WTS Balance Druid with DTR

    What about arenas? 3v3 event every friday. It's more active than ever been. Boguś your signature is outdated tho
  3. Elann

    Rank1 Druid for sell

    no w piatki nawet ponad 10 teamow w que na 3s takto sredniawka
  4. Elann

    Rank1 Druid for sell

    funf hundred polish złotys @Debtheøne
  5. Elann

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    idk what you mean x]
  6. Elann

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    Weren't you selling your mage? :D
  7. Elann

    Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament

    Isn't 17:00 too early? Some people are still in work at that hour or on their way to home.
  8. Elann

    Show Me Your Transmog

  9. Elann

    Show me ur UI :)

    Blizzzard UI rules, I've only removed the gryphons to have more space for chat/recount.
  10. Elann

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    I really like this idea. Even if sometimes I do not want to play I enjoy watching streams on Atlantiss. Due to having bad connection I can afford for streaming only 1-2 times per month when I use mobile internet. (25gb/3months =/) But sure I will be glad if you add me on this list @Dkdogx (twitch.tv/elannftw)
  11. Elann

    Show Me Your Transmog

    Black Swordsman Elann :D
  12. Off topic but would be it possible to release Azshara's Crater as Battle royal for next atlantiss birthday?
  13. Elann

    Gladiator mounts

    Good choice Mr. Blinkmaster
  14. Elann

    Gladiator mounts

    Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm for me plox
  15. Elann

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    so we got 4 cents now Pumpek