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  1. ythealien

    How to quit Atlantiss with style

    The "only one tentacle can attack a target" factoid was posted in 4.2.2 based off PTR testing and was not correct on live, as is pointed out downthread:
  2. ythealien

    Mage raiding situation

    You didn't do 40k pre-Firelands in any gear or spec, that's more like double what you'd have done in 4.0.6 in a mixture of raid and blue gear.
  3. ythealien

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    It should be both with no adjustment, a correctly tuned 10H DS with no zone buff should require pretty steep output checks already. The Realm First achievement itself doesn't matter much compared to potentially fucking up 10-mans with an unneeded zone buff to delay 10H players from getting the achievement. People will just post about being the first 10H/25H guild anyway when the other half gets it.
  4. ythealien

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    Search the page for "loot". It's right there: " Flamewaker Subjugators now award 50 reputation, up from 15, while Flamewaker Animators award no reputation or loot. " I said it was on July 8 but it was actually 6, and Cinderweb Spiderling was July 1 and not 6, my mistake. But still. Another private server's data is not meaningful unless you can get the sources of their data from live. Anecdotal evidence is not exactly data. The opening post of the thread you linked states exactly what I said: "First off, I totally agree the drop rate was ridiculously high the first week (or was it 2 i forget). But now it seems to have been nerfed into oblivion." 1 BoE every 4 runs means that it's perfectly normal to do 12 runs and not even see the specific BoE epic you want drop, much less win it.
  5. ythealien

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    This is a Blizzlike server. Being Blizzlike does not mean it has to have 1 million people. I played on a server about as small as Atlantiss on live (US-Ysondre). I don't know how many ways to say that it's not a problem that you can't get extremely cheap BoE trash epics - especially not now that DS 5-man gear and raid loot is available. Is normal Apparatus even any good compared to what you can get just from 5-man loot and JP/VP now for your spec? Even if it's the best 378 trinket (idk if it is for anyone, and I'm not about to check) just... go get some other ones.
  6. ythealien

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    WoWhead drop rate data is not reliable. For example the 3% drop rate data is from things like Theck's Emberseal which has a 3% chance to drop off Flamewaker Animator according to wowhead. However Flamewaker Animator was hotfixed to have zero loot at all on July 8 2011 on live so that data is from the very brief period when it dropped items. Same deal for Cinderweb Spiderling. 0.4% drop rate for Theck's Emberseal, yet Cinderweb Spiderling was fixed to have zero loot on July 6th, and WoWhead's data aggregation was never changed to reflect this. Much of the drop rates are artificially inflated from the period before Blizzard hotfixed in dramatically lower BoE rates and gold rates to stop people from solo farming Firelands trash in certain spots. Hotfix reports are from https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/3019413 Basically, drop rates should be very low. If BoT consistently gives out loot it's more likely that BoT trash loot rates are too high, rather than it being the standard. You should very rarely see trash epics.
  7. ythealien

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    This isn't going to be done because it isn't Blizzlike. If you only have 2 hours a day to play I'd recommend forming a FL trash farming group with Apparatus reserved. Alternatively, you could get another trinket - from JP, 5-mans, the shitty Firelands rep trinkets, T11 raids, etc. In no way do you need a Firelands trash trinket so bad the server should give one to you.
  8. ythealien

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Uh, well then. How is that going to work considering the zone is underwater and you can't obtain the water breathing zone buff or the underwater mount? Or am I mistaken and those things actually work? EDIT: Hydrocane from Gomeregan is an option, outside being a druid or whoever can naturally buff water breathing I guess.
  9. ythealien

    Crossfaction BG's

    The improvements of cross-faction BG are manifest. Better queue times and whatnot. The downside is a little less obvious. I guess having Horde players on both teams (for example) fucks up the intended visual profile of advancing enemies, but I guess this could be solved with a Culling of Stratholme style buff where you change to the enemy faction in the BG (although I doubt such a thing would ever be implemented, just saying). It also breaks the faction theming of the battle, like knowing you're going against certain opponents. I don't find this a big deal. Tough for me to buy into this not being a good idea honestly, all it does is keep BGs healthy. It's not "Blizzlike" because millions of people play retail and Blizzard doesn't need to do shit like this.
  10. ythealien

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Just from memory only like half or 2/3rds of the nodes on WoWhead actually work on the server, IIRC.
  11. ythealien

    Azshara's Veil spots

    lol @ the image, but it would be both Blizzlike and healthy to get all the TB Azshara's Veil spots working and to semi-randomize them. Herbs on retail did not respawn at predictable times and in predictable orders in this fashion. Although actually if you're the one doing the first cycle it's actually much better for you if you know exactly when they're spawning, so a realistic change might add more Azshara's Veil to the economy without letting you personally get all that you want.
  12. ythealien

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Vashjir is not being developed so you can rule that out. Increasing the amount of spawns or spawn locations for herbs would be good. Even better is if work could be done on herbalism spawns to add less predictability - e.g. you can do a circuit of TB in X minutes and all the herbs will respawn in order, when in reality they should come back semi-randomly, to prevent monopolization by the first person to get the spawn timers down.
  13. ythealien

    Azshara's Veil spots

    Enabling the Vashjir herbs would be a bit weird to do considering you (as far as I know) can't obtain the seahorse mount or the Vashjir water breathing buff.
  14. ythealien

    Fire mage gear swap opener

    4.0.6 - the patch where this bug was fixed - was released February 11th 2011. All the posts you quoted predate the patch that fixed this bug, as the quoted page goes from January 7th to January 28th. In fact, on the very next page, the poster Pasture writes: " - T10 four piece. This no longer works as of the most recent patch. Any spell cast while not wearing the T10 set will now cancel the damage bonus. " on the day that 4.0.6a is released. Thank you for providing yet more evidence that this bug was fixed in 4.0.6a.
  15. ythealien

    Fire mage gear swap opener

    Produce one of these posts. EDIT: After you do, please read the thread and understand why even if you did find a post where this bug occurred again in Mists of Pandaria, this is not evidence that it worked in 4.3. You need to demonstrate that it was reintroduced in Cataclysm.