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  1. Pocket

    Mage raiding situation

    No, i reported how stacking should work and Pelekon scripted it, as far as bugs, the ones that were on retail are staying hes not planning to fix anything as that would make mages op again, theres a (for regular bosses aka nor alys) minor beneficial bug that should be implemented soon but its not gonna change the dps cuzz theres something that compensates for that on regular bosses (not alys), thats gonna get reverted once he scripts the beneficial bug, if i wasnt clear enough this will hopefully make alys easier once its live.
  2. Pocket

    Mage raiding situation

    It's not a custom nerf you egg, its blizzlike, the jenova stuff was rollbacked and blizzlike stacking was implemented Frost is bugged too, DF hits twice, its better than it should be, which is nice, cuzz frost is fun
  3. Pocket

    Mage raiding situation

    Surely a guy that thinks ignite was working ok and that DTR pyros shouldnt build ignite has something smart to say right?.....right?
  4. Pocket

    Mage raiding situation

    Fire on retail was garbage in 4.0.6, later it got much better, here its OP because ignite doesn't work properly, so fire is the best option at any ilvl, ignites blizzlike state was reported and it'll be fixed in the following week from the looks of it, this also means a huge nerf for fire.
  5. Pocket

    The future of Atlantiss

    How does one expect that only the current Atlantiss pop would be interested in a non retarded realm with a release schedule is beyond me and probably the staff 👋🏻
  6. This poll is a joke.
  7. Pocket

    [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

  8. Pocket

    Legendary saff and DB

    It's fun cuzz theres a big battle net topic the first guy that got the staff made (Siiz) and it has a shitton of testing on it. If a proc crits, it will leave ignite, if a pyro procs, itll leave a pyro dot, otherwise it would be retarded.
  9. Pocket

    Questions to the Staff

    Icecrown and Stonetalon are both completable, as far as vashjir goes, you do understand that vashjir would be 2 days worth of questing, i had no issues getting 85 on 3 toons, a lot of people including myself got 85 even before twilight highlands was released. As for world bosses, well, you might as well visit raids for that cuzz world bosses arent really something that gives relevant rewards or has relevant difficulty, only long term benefit would be azshara's veil farming spots, which i really hope devs will just add into vashjir and let us have the water buff so we can farm like kercat suggested. In conclusion, scripting those quests would take a long time and the results for the community wouldnt last longer than a few days, except for a few more achiev points, and we all know how relevant those are on private servers.
  10. All explained in the topic i linked, and an fyi, ilvl 391 is firelands hc gear, ds normal is 397 illvl.
  11. Pocket

    Open letter to Atlantiss

    lol those poop edits
  12. Pocket

    Open letter to Atlantiss

    Honestly, if you guys opened a cata realm it would explode, hades is as mediocre as it gets.
  13. Pocket

    As a Fire Mage, do you need Cauterize?

    Cauterize is a must-have for progression, the improved scorch is what you should be giving up for whatever you want talents in, most optimally improved fireblast, cuzz you should have no mana issues in fl which makes clearcasting useless.
  14. Pocket

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Cowadine - ret
  15. Pocket

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Holyrose - hpala