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  1. Bloodthirsty/Vicious recipes

    same question, same reply from Staff, no reply that is
  2. Jewelcrafter Vicious Patterns

    Someone else asked about this here and got no response either. GM / Forum Admins / Staff in general are probably too busy chatting in /world or playing LoL. (just kidding of course, before anyone implies I insult Staff members. I would never do that) The patterns for the Vicious PvP rings and neck definitely are obtainable on HORDE side, never saw them on Allies side.
  3. I tend to agree with you, janchux. Ignoring minor inconveniencies like some dude talking Polish (or ANY other language, besides English) in /world is probably the wisest thing to do.   But there's one problem. If you really start to ignore all the players who violate the "only English" rule, your list will be full pretty quickly.   And then what? ;)
  4. True. But only English in world chat means: No polish in world chat.   There is a reason why the thread opener chose the topic title. Cause 90% of the time the "Only English in world chat" rule is violated by people babbling Polish.   And therefore is nonsense.   Imagine my surprise!
  5. I was just seeking for a confirmation from someone official on this server preferably.   Is this server, especially by those who administrate this server, considered an international server or a Polish server?   Your site is in English, the majority of this Forum is in English. The sites you make advertisement on or seek for votes are all in English.   And yet, in world chat or Battleground, in Dungeon groups or Raids - you meet people who babble Polish no matter if the majority of the group is Polish or not. If you ask them to speak English, they usually get pretty cocky and claim this to be a Polish server, therefore they have the right to talk Polish.   Could you clear this up, please?    
  6. The above quest would not start properly. So I abandoned and hearthstoned back.   Result: I am stuck in Ebon Hold and cannot interact with anything or anyone as I am stuck in another phase.   Suggestions?
  7. [Answered] Dragonwrath down 06/03

      That's a darn long "slip", must be a huge banana, huh? :D   Joking aside, I know you meant "sleep". Since you seem to be one of the more "awake" people, I would ask your colleagues   - to give YOU admin access to the dedicated server or whatever is needed to solve these kind of problems - make sure your staff is not solely EU based, but covers other timezones as well - before even THINKING about making other realms, make sure this one runs smoothly and has sufficient staff   Good ideas, innit?
  8. [Answered] how long is the server down for?

    I think there's a misunderstanding, Nwardho.   We believe you it has been an automatic restart. But as Madjen pointed out: It is unprofessional so set restart times when no admin/dev is online to CONTROL if everything WORKED.     +1
  9. [Answered] how long is the server down for?

    @Nwardho All well and correct what you're saying. Nevertheless it's not really professional to set the automatic restart time to when no Admin/Dev is online. Murphy's Law applies to WoW servers as well: "What can go wrong will go wrong"   And the fact that 3 hours later no one of the staff apparantly has noticed it (otherwise I am sure they would have posted here) is kinda funny. lol