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    Yeah, this is still an issue. My night elf character is stuck in Hellfire pen' because it crashes. I will post a screenshot of the actual problem when time allows. edit* Added pictures
  2. Thief_of_navarre

    Transmogg for Rogue.

    Im currently running around in mostly Tier2 (the original ~ not the recolour) with Merciless glad leather helm + Gutgore ripper as my daggers.   As Torgal on the armoury
  3. Thief_of_navarre

    Best dps in 4.3.4

    High DPS, Combat rogues are nice. Spam sinister strike = Win. Low DPS, subtlety rogues are nice. Check out never having enough energy for 90% of every encounter! Cant beat sub for PvE if you want to get kicked ;)
  4. Thief_of_navarre

    Dodgykebaab 2014 Server Awards - Atlantiss Wins 3

    I made my choice based on that when looking. (rather than just going for the biggest playerbase). All good so far, well done!