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  1. The point is valid. It's not about the extra damage you get, but acknowledging it as a bug or not (i have no idea if it is indeed a bug or not, btw). I guess it's time atlantiss, both staff and community, made a statement, considering the social justice that's been lately the norm around. So if it's a bug, it should be treated as such. The amount of resources invested in its fixing IF it is a bug is irrelevant here. It's about calling things as they are. It doesn't matter if a bug or an exploit is big or small or relevant or irrelevant, it either is a bug/exploit or it is not. Otherwise, how soon will reports on the bugtracker be fake news?
  2. Free speech guarantees the pursuit of truth

  3. That deodorant only has 1 button tho
  4. No they shouldn't. Throw a bucket of ice into a lava pool. What happens? Nothing. It fizzles. And dks? Have you ever tried sticking a piece of metal into hot lava? To be honest, im surprised mellee classes are even allowed to join groups for Ragnaros, considering their weapons would be nothing but flacid in 1-3 attacks. On-topic: Does it even matter?
  5. discussing game mechanics is drama but crying about abusing pillar bugs and wintrading is not. #Logic. Maybe if quad core buff allowed to sheep ragnaros, things would be different?
  6. Replace the passion for wealth (ilvl) with the passion for dominance - make a leaderboard on the website, make an announcement on the server when someone kills a boss with a new record (fastest time, lowest ilvl, etc), reward them with cool tabards and vanity items. Maybe that will get the big guilds to cancel one of their 457387687 FL alt runs to do actual fun content (t11). Don't underestimate the power of comparing ePeens.
  7. Technically, the content is there. But as we all know, ilvl>fun>skill. I don't think there's an easy solution to this. I still believe the best one is to keep looking for like-minded people who want to do t11hc. And if there are none, well, i guess there's just no point in hanging around. At least that's what i did. I just couldn't stand another second of FL. I don't think forcing people to do content one way or another is ok, tho if the staff finds a way to do that in a fun and challenging way, i hope they will earn a lot of respect on the pserver scene, because this problem is plaguing other servers as well. Seriously tho, if atlantiss taught me anything, it was to hate Firelands with a burning passion that matches Ragnaros's rage. T11hc was so much better in so many ways. But oh well, 'muh gaerz' i guess. But no, seriously, Dragon Soul is absolute shit. Even if atlantiss devs script it perfectly (And i still do admire the quality of scripting here, i think it's very good and i believe the devs will do a good job scripting DS nicely), it will be a perfectly scripted shit. Seriously now, back when i played / raided consistently here, in the guilds i have been in I was usually the one asking for t11hc runs. Here's how a conversation with a decent raider ran: 'Yo, you said you were bored'. 'Yeah, mate. Totally bored. FL all day. I'm tired, I'm so effing tired of FL.' "But what do you think of T11hc tho? Magmaw heroic was a fun fight, especially for you, as a <Class>, right? Or the absolute chaos at ODS; that was fun, right?' 'Idk mate, I did Mag when it was bugged and I've never done ODS.' 'But you watched a video of it, at least, right?' 'Totally mate, Im not some casual scrub.' 'And do you think it's fun.' 'Fun and challenging, mate.' 'Let's go do it then. Let's go do ODS hc.' 'No, mate. FL 85th alt run is about to start.' 'Wait, wait, wait. But you just acknowledged that you've done FL so many times, u know every inch, rock, nook and cranny of it and it bores you out of your mind; you just said t11hc is more fun and challenging; yet you still wanna do FL instead? WHY?' 'Ilvl mate.' Maybe another option would be a guild contest/challenge. Every month or w/e, staff could hold like a PVE tournament, maybe on a different realm, instant 85 with mall, but with restricted items (no FL gear if the open raid is from t11, no DS gear if the open raid is FL), and from the second something (realm, raid, w/e) opens up, the first team/guild to kill the last boss wins (vanity items that they can use on their main chars on dragonwrath or a buff or w/e). Or maybe implement a server 'announcement' system , which shouts the time and iLVL of a group. That way, maybe some people who be enticed to go to all raids and push their ilvl lower and lower just to get those sweet, sweet internet points. The guild holding the record gets some vanity items from the guild vendor or a buff or w/e.
  8. 2 questions: 1. why is WORLD IN CAPS? 2. there is not only worldchat, but GLOBAL chat too? omg
  9. have you tried proclaiming your love for multiculturalism and diversity in the tickets? that seems to get some attention from some people here
  10. Look, please don't take this the wrong way, i admire and respect the developers' commitment to making the server a great experience as much as possible, but i find it incredibly funny that a priest has stuff he isn't supposed to.
  11. " In HC BiS or close to HC BiS fire mage T12 gear " -look at my gear " is almost no point in loooong theorycrafting and rotation testing for highest possible DPS output " - look at my dps " Atlantiss RNG doesnt work how it should anyway " - some bug. There. Demo locks still cooler.
  12. fake news
  13. Let me rephrase it: if the majority agrees on acting in a morally reprehensible way (which, in this case, happens to also be an exploit in some cases), will you agree to submit to their will?
  14. So if a majority agrees it's ok to exploit, will you exploit?
  15. I never said t11hc was in great shape. But it's doable (or rather, was last i did it, maybe a few months ago) and it offers (offered?) an experience that pretty closely resembles the one on retail. Optional bosses are optional, that is indeed true and asking is the way to go. Because you can OPT - they being optional - not to do them. totally agree on that. My question is: did anyone, blizz included, force you to skip bosses? Yes, totally agree. Unfortunately, it is not my argument. My argument is: 'it is content, you CANNOT FORCE ME NOT TO DO IT'. If you do, morally reprehensible behavior generates morally reprehensible reactions. I am not oblivious to the fact that many (most?) people skip stuff here (even stuff that should not be skippable). But I am indeed against turning it into 'normality'. This is exactly what turns reddit's r/wowservers (giggity), worldchat, many /gchats, and possibly other venues into cesspools of people complaining 'there's nothing to do'. If you CHOOSE not to do stuff, there's obviously nothing to do.