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  1. It's world, not global. Being a druid is not an excuse for ninja-ing stuff. More context required. Calling someone an asshole just for being busy kinda makes you asshole; sorry :\ Back when i played, people were doing last bosses (cant really call them dungeons, it's more of a rush to the last boss because most players here are CEOs and presidents, who don't have the ~5mins required to down 1 or 2 extra bosses) and Firelands (cause screw t11. Can't wait for the HOT 5mans to be released, im curious if FL normal will instantly die, just like southshore pvp the day battlegrounds were released). Also, alliance WORLDchat(not global) is boring.
  2. Or you could just go for a 25m raiding know, like god Blizz intended
  3. on that mop server, alliance or horde?
  4. purely pve-wise: holy pala is amazing. Really strong output, lots of awesome cds. Only boring during farm, go do t11hc. rdruid/rsham are cool, strong healers, best to play them while high tho disc priest is the bestest. Very strong output, dps style of play for like 80% of the fight. You need to track stuff tho, especially archangel, power torrent, and lightweave. blood dk. Dps style of play, very strong self heals, decent group heals. holy paladins are the flashiest healer, if that counts.
  5. LMAO, the butthurt report is pure win. On-topic: and how exactly would you decide what is offensive and what is not? Based on what objective criteria? Or is it purely subjective? E.g., i believe most illegal orc migrants from draenor are savage brutes who should be deported; also, strict vetting is required at the dark portal. Would that be deemed offensive?
  6. Weeeell, they cant kick you if you're in combat, and you're always in combat if u accidentally pull bosses *cough cough
  7. according to whom (and no, i haven't logged here in many days)? Perhaps another suggestion is in order, for the creation of safe spaces, where people are free from such pesky things such as dissenting opinions or even uncomfortable truths?
  8. Tell them only that Warcraft - the RTS is dead, and that warcraft's story died with it.
  9. Trolls are ok as long as they evolve into blood elves. Taurens are ok, but nobody plays tauren anyway. Undead are cool and usually aren't fags. And goblins are not allowed because they are greedy, manipulative, selfish, hypocritical, and place racial ties above honour ties aren't allowed because of their excellent business abilities, which might intimidate other players.
  10. so, are there any nonfags interested in joining my guild?
  11. i dont know and i dont care about its meaning, i just use it to call everyone as such and apparently it's ok. fag. heaven forbid i call you a jew tho. That's incredibly racist and offensive on the marxistly offended scale and a bit no-no around here.
  12. i dont know who that fag is, fag. who is he?
  13. User101, why are u such a fag? You know, we have roleplay reeducation camps for people who dont think like us.
  14. I will shortly be starting a new RP guild for non orcs called <free speech>. Please no fags. (using the word fag in a non offensive way, i just call everyone fags. like jenova acknowledges. Pls no mute. We roleplay marxist blood elves, out to seize the means of raiding. The communist manifesto and the capital are mandatory readings, will be tested. PM me ingame
  15. yes but not only? Speech that incites violence is hate speech. ANY other kind of speech is free speech. a limitation on it - ANY limitation - makes it limited speech. So no, ONLY violent speech. Free speech has no limits. Also, read the next part of the article, the one exactly after the one you quoted. I dread the day those who are in favor of muting will see the state mute their opinion when the state deems it 'racist'.