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  1. rogues are oppressive. Stop Stealth Privilege!

  2. extreme GM vetting

    This thread still stands as a suggestion, as per the first post.
  3. extreme GM vetting

    The complaint has been sent. i wish you a very nice day, sir or madam.
  4. extreme GM vetting

    You don't read, but you accuse. This is all i have to say. With a heavy heart, i announce that i shall not be replying to this topic anymore except to answer direct staff questions (should there be any), for i do not wish to be dragged into meaningless petty quarrels or go completely offtopic. My suggestion in the initial post is clear enough and my other posts have provided more than sufficient extra clarification. I do hope the staff and the community will continue to do a good job and i wish everyone all the best.
  5. extreme GM vetting

    You have proven you are not by making false claims about race/nationality and i am shocked someone like you has/had the power to mute, considering you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Source: The 2nd post is after being confronted with evidence, which shows not only ignorance, but also arrogance and unwillingness to be educated. This is why i kept adding 'willingness to learn'. On the other hand, i've had really pleasant interactions with other GMs, such as herkor, who has proven himself to be a very educated and highly professional GM. Not STRICTLY about lafayette and robespierre, i just gave them as the first example that crossed my mind. If aristotle and plato are completely alien to you, the same applies. I named them because they're fathers of logic, discourse, human rights, you know, unimportant things like these. Yes it does. History knowledge has an extremely big impact on judgment. Souce: www.history.ac.uk/makinghistory/resources/articles/why_history_matters.html and http://www.criticalthinking.org/resources/JReed-Dissertation.pdf (Just an example, again; we can go to google scholar and find numerous ones). But yes, knowing who invented the toilet is not necessary; knowing who Alexander the Great was is; that's why i added the need to not be prone to falling to logical fallacies, such as false equivalence, which you are doing just now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_equivalence I never mentioned a word about tickets, i'm talking purely about the direct community interaction. Also, if you don't know who lafayette is, no wonder you have no idea what free speech is. Just a free friendly piece of education: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilbert_du_Motier,_Marquis_de_Lafayette (see especially the part about the first declaration of human rights, including free speech https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilbert_du_Motier,_Marquis_de_Lafayette#French_Revolution) Agreed. That's why i said CARE, not steps. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/care You have proven you don't, some have proven they did. I just suggested a way to minimize the possibility of more people like you emerging. Because people have principles. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/principle The rest of your post is nothing but logical fallacies and i will not lower myself to that level. I will only address a small part of it because it is incredibly important: Wrong. The only speech that is not free speech is speech that incites violence. You are free to insult whomever you wish, whenever you wish. I will insult hitler whenever i feel like it, because he's worth insulting. I will insult bad ideas. like socialism - which is theft - all day. And they have the right to either insult me back, ignore me, or pursue legal action, in this case ask a GM or someone from the staff to take appropriate action, which i am fine with. YOU ARE FREE TO INSULT IF YOU ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES. You do not seem to make that distinction. You are literally going for thought control by virtue signaling for free speech and by means of preliminary action, or , in other words, mind reading (based on your incredibly limited knowledge on such issues, as the first point of this post shows). You cognitive dissonance is astounding and with true, real concern for your well being, i urge you to seek professional help. If you have some kind of mental illness, i wish you good luck in dealing with it, and if you don't, i wish you all the best in pursuing better further education.
  6. extreme GM vetting

    High school level at least. It is implied in the capability to play wow. Some general notions of history, especially grand events like the french revolution, would be good, just to give an example. If names like lafayette or robespierre are completely alien to you (i'm not suggesting a detailed analysis of their social, economical, and political manifestos, just the basics), you have no business muting people. Also, i don't think scanning a diploma is required. A quiz should do the job just fine. Of course, this is just an idea. That's strange, i haven't logged in many weeks with the exception of like 2 or 3 hours in which i mostly said PVE takes more skill than PVP. My ingame chat can sound like absolutely anything in the world, but , with the said exception of those 2-3 hours, it sounded like absolutely nothing because i wasn't online. Also, the only 2 times i complained about a GM are today, in a direct, public conversation and once in worldchat, with the same person. You, sir or madam, are a liar. I also suggest sticking to the topic.
  7. [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    YOU CANNOT POLY RAGNAROS!!!!!!11ONEONE ELEVEN! YOU CAN ONLY HEX HIM OMG nub quod, GIT GUD. lol i love this guild even if im not a member
  8. “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
    ― George Washington

  9. extreme GM vetting

    Greetings, As some of you might be aware or not, I no longer actively play on Atlantiss. That is due to my failure to find groups for t11hc. This is in no way the fault of the staff. On the contrary, i still believe the staff are doing a great job overall, especially the developers. I know not everything is perfect, but this server still has quality to offer. I do believe that, even tho i'm no longer an active players here, i can still call myself a <insert qualifier here; toxic, idealist, pragmatic, whatever> member of this community. I really appreciate how jenova and other staff gave everyone the possibility to become a dev gradually and after being tested. Buti doubt jenova or any other member of the staff would recruit or co-opt as a dev someone with close to zero experience when it comes to fixing stuff/coding (i don't know the exact word, i'm not tech savvy) and is not willing to learn. My suggestion is that the same care be given to recruiting devs be given to recruiting GMs, especially those in power to assess what is and is not free speech, racism, hate speech, etc. If you would not like someone who knows little to no coding and is not willing to learn on your dev team, why would you give GM powers to people who make blatant and obvious mistakes (like equating nationality to ethnicity, or repeatedly, and despite being confronted with what is widely regarded as accurate information, spew false data about demographics) and is prone to fall prey to basic fallacies like misquoting, cherry-picking or selective quoting, logical fallacies, etc. It is my strong belief and suggestion that, in the same way a strong development team needs passionate, dedicated and qualified and/or willing to learn coders, so does a community needs managers who are knowledgeable, well read, and not prone to falling to middle school argumentation and logical fallacies and their evaluation will be based on more than availability and loyalty. I'm passionate about atlantiss, i'm dedicated to it, but i sure as hell am not knowledgeable about coding, nor do i have any interest in it. Should i ask jenova or whomever is responsible to make me a dev? Of course not. I do hope the staff and the community will continue to do a good job and i wish everyone all the best.
  10. [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    Do you have a PVE part too? cause this is perfection. GIT GUD, PVE takes more skill than PVP P.S. you guild logo pic is incredibly gay
  11. That Men ought to speak well of their Governours is true, while their Governours, deserve to be well spoken of, but to do public Mischief, without hearing of it, is only the Prerogative and Felicity of Tyranny

  12. [NPC] Tethis

  13. Horda - DEATHWISHED

    Maybe the alliance should revolt against the king and institute the first people's republic of stormwind. Then force high level pvp players to equally and according to their abilities to guard for a certain amount of time a lowbie, according to their needs.
  14. Your Story of finding and living in Atlantiss

    Mine is the tale of boni. I would tell it to you, but it doesn't reward vp or gear, so I'll just skip it. I'll tell you the story of Orcboni instead. Orcboni was a fierce warrior of the horde. During the 2nd peaceful invasion of azeroth, Orcboni came to azeroth, to peacefully pillage and rape and kill azerothians in the name of orcish honour. Orcboni remained on azeroth despite the dark portal reopening in TBC. One day, agents from the Quel'Lithien lodge discovered orcboni was staying in azeroth illegally and Orcboni got deported back to draenor. The end.
  15. Greetings! A quick question.

    Prepare to do some much Firelands that ragnaros will die of old age and upon seeing u never leave FL, will just leave it for you as inheritance. Ontopic: idk if they're nerfed or not, but last i did them, instances were scripted decently or above (some even very well) and bosses were fun to skip.