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  1. Gratz, it took some time but still. Great job!
  2. 392 f mage with shatter is good enuf?
  3. Dude normal ppl sleep at night, moreover we have a free day today and 90 % of ppl went for a party yday in addition 75 % of ppl went to church in the morning becouse of celebrations. Be patient and be human.
  4. Immortale jeżdżą Multiplą !!!
  5. Baited so much...
  6. W8 untill 2k18
  7. Pelekon the flame surfer
  8. Dzisiejszy raid był sabotowany przez administracje i update w największych godzinach szczytu także dziś się nie liczy
  9. Especialy when buff sometimes disappear even when you use that trinket in combat
  10. Miałeś zrobić hype a tu taki marny pościk
  11. Żeby nie było 25 w tym tygodniu była wstrzymana z powodu majówki i matur. Ps trzymamy kciuki za naszych orłów.
  12. Now just w8 2 months for Bildo to check it.
  13. On WoTLK there was best setups indeed but on cata now you can clear content with almost any clases, our Rag 10 HC roaster looks like Tanks: BDK as main, Druid Feral as off Mdps: rogue (lol) Rdps: Fire Mage, Druid Bala, Shadow Priest and 2x Survi Hunters Heals: Disci Priest, Resto Shammy. But Imo best setup for t12 contet would be Tanks: BDK as main, Druid Feral as off Mdps: Retri Pally, Combat/Assa Rogue (depends on specific encounter) Rdps: Fire Mage, Druid Bala, Demo Warlock, Survi Hunter Heals: Disci Priest, Resto Druid/ Resto Shammy (for best dps setup) or Disci Priest + Holy Priest (for best HPS setup, 2 priest becouse of 4p t12 set bonus bug)
  14. Wszystko zależy który cap haste chcesz osiągnąć.
  15. Man idk, but when i saw date of that post (Feb 27, 2011) I started to be suspicious, then i have read the whole topic till the end and find out post from Mar 19, 2012 in the same topic. So ppl just read whole article instead of pionting some out of date info.