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    That is one of the dumbest idea ever in my opinion. What about all the people, who got perma banned cause of 2 bans in a row (2x abusing, 2x wintrading, whatsoever....) They did NOT HAVE a 2nd chance???????????? (1st ban = 1month) and then got banned again.
  2. Kaspi

    Gladiator mounts

    hm, I`ll go with this 1 aswell: http://www.wowhead.com/item=50435/wrathful-gladiators-frost-wyrm also WTB PvP Royalty Rank @Lucasbarsh
  3. Kaspi


    We will play rated Battlegrounds each week. next Event is at: Requirements: Our requirements are simple. You need a PvP-itemlvl of 390 or higher and you need Teamspeak 3. Be here in time and whisper one of the contact persons at the alliance or horde side. I can also send calender invites, just /w me if you want to join and I invite you. We want to play fair games and TS helps with organizing groups + we need the communication in the BG. That itemlevel is required to have geared groups and not undergeared people in groups which make the BGs unbalanced. How to join/ Contact persons: You need to be here 15minutes before the start. Whisper one of the contact persons below, they will form groups and organize the event. Horde: Reanimate Atroxes Kercat Alliance: Jorach Kabash / Kabashpowa Kaspii / Infectiòn We always look for more people to join, just reply here or contact me ingame. For further questions just contact one of the persons mentioned above. Changelog:
  4. Kaspi


    The next rated BGs will be in 2 weeks, at Sunday 26.08. - 19:00. Make sure to contact Kaspii /Jorach [alliance] or some officer of Infected ingame for a safe spot.
  5. Kaspi

    3v3 Tournament prices - honor question.

    Any news about this idea? I don't think there are any negative side effects. Also those Commendations are account bound.  http://www.wowhead.com/item=44115/wintergrasp-commendation
  6. Kaspi

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    XDD will be the 2nd perma ban Kappa
  7. Kaspi


    After a summer break we are back to RATED BGs at Sunday, 12.08.2018. Make sure to contact Kaspii /Jorach [alliance] or some officer of Infected ingame for a safe spot.
  8. Kaspi

    3v3 Tournament prices - honor question.

    Any news about this idea? I don't think there are any negative side effects. Also those Commendations are account bound.
  9. Kaspi


    Anything to increase the server population would be good. Server transfers, higher XP rates, etc. As Medalxz said, alot of people are looking for a decent cata server. Alot of ppl of my guildies on warmane didn't come to Atlantiss due to the rates.
  10. Kaspi

    3v3 Tournament prices - honor question.

    You are right. Also he is even complimenting his own idea as PvP-GM.
  11. Kaspi

    3v3 Tournament prices - honor question.

    What a genius.
  12. Kaspi

    Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament

    Maybe @Dkdogx can help.
  13. Kaspi

    Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament

    That's a know bug when you summon a pet the 1st time. > Summon > Relog > Enjoy the fix (the same happens with water elemental when you learn it as frost mage :D)
  14. Kaspi

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    I think a stream button would be a great feature. Also you automatically advertise Atlantiss this way hence so many private servers have exactly that.
  15. Kaspi

    XP rate optimization

    The problem I see is, that cata is an old game, most people who join are the ones, who played it on retail or came from other servers. You most likely won't attract young players (14-18) anymore, because they play other "newer" games. That's also why every cata server will die one day. Increasing rates will allow people from other servers to join here and have fun, also it will attract other ppl from other private servers where nothing is properly scripted. Also, @Aloise, idk why you bother new players / noobs so much. There is not even one 25m core group on the server, where you only have "elite" players.
  16. Kaspi


    I agree, that transfers are a good idea. Although I don't agree with the char deletion on the other server. There are ways to go around that and I think it shouldn't be needed to transfer.
  17. I still dont know why it should be available for 25m only and why this poll even has been made.
  18. kk u got me there :D Anyways, those 2 mechanics are easy as fk to avoid. And its 1 mechanic per boss compared to Rag HC^^
  19. Tell me 1 mechanic on 25m where 1 man wipes the whole raid, except if u forget to stay on HoT at Ultraxion. 25 FL hc is harder than 10m FL HC I agree, but I doubt that will be the same for DS hc.
  20. Why is there even such a poll. Realm first was always for 10 OR 25m HC. Enabling it for 25hc only would take away all the competition from 10m guilds.
  21. Kaspi

    Crossfaction BG's

    well said.
  22. Kaspi

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    Yes, waste alot of resources into scripting dungeon finder for raids when 0.05% of the people will ever use it. G_G
  23. Kaspi

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    I also think raidfinder is not needed. DS normal is already easy enough to be done with pugs.
  24. Kaspi

    About PvP or Normal server type

    This isnt't a good idea at all. PvP, especially world PvP is not active much and with setting a PvE realm it would literally kill that little bit left aswell.