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    Updated the main post. Next RATED BGs will be on Sunday 12.November. Thanks to all, who participated and watched the streams.
  2. Supported letter list in nickname

  3. What class pick to pvp ?

    You have to decide for yourself, play what you enjoy. You can always level other classes, specs and learn them aswell.
  4. PvP season rewards

    Nice, that you agreed on acc-sharing for a title :) My RBGs were all legit, feel free to report me or watch all the vods from the streams where I played on boomy. Atleast I don't need others to carry me or even play my char for me :)
  5. PvP season rewards

    Do you even believe this yourself? I was never going for r1 in 3s or tryharded for that, the only season I played 3s kinda serious was back then with Potholder / Mgmage. And there we beat Quodan and Braha on RMP 2x in a row and Braha lost -20 rating twice. That season he did not get elite weapons and quit the server for 1month ++. But sure, I do understand you. Quodan, Arty and Braha helped you to receive Gladiator in 2s. Heck, he even logged your account and played games so you can receive it. I am sure you are not biased towards this issue ;)
  6. PvP season rewards

    Yes, every1 who cheats /wintrades should be perma banned in my opinion.
  7. PvP season rewards

    @Parabøla The thread is not about Hated's ban or my skills, therefore there is no need to reply any further to such questions.
  8. PvP season rewards

    Also @Jenova You basically tell every1: Let's say you have 2 accounts. -1 account with 1.7k arena rating in 3s. -2 account with which you snipe any team in 3s with hard bug abusing, kickbot, etc. Account 1 will be still rewarded, Account 2 will be punished. You reached your goal, GG. That is exactly what he did.
  9. PvP season rewards

    @Jenova What about this here? https://imgur.com/a/CcY5n
  10. PvP season rewards

    I think this is a pretty good summary of consequences. I tried to say exactly the same in my thread. @Sathus Thank you for the support, I think so too. Also it is clearly visible for all GMs /Admins, that Arty aka Roguetrainer, Stealthbott, Rmpherox abused to reach R1 title, which should be more punished than just abusing something random like gold farming, etc.
  11. PvP season rewards

    All those are ONE person and that is confirmed. You can go and read the whole thread again (screenshots). My question was, how can somebody doing those exploits, WHO GOT CONFIRMED receive any kind of titles on other chars? Also he mentioned abusing the bug in order to secure r1 position. He was clearly aware what he was doing, did it on purpose. The fact, that he knew all that should only get him a 1month ban on alt rogue while being rewarded on the main rogue, can you imagine how this looks for the whole community?
  12. PvP season rewards

    Hello all, I want to discuss the latest situation here. Instead of deleting this topic I would expect an explanation about the current situation. I will not be offensive towards staff or anyone else, just put the facts here. As everybody knows, Arty aka Roguetrainer, Stealthbott, Rmpherox did use a HARD exploit. He did abuse the energy regeneration bug on his "alt" and said, that he will use it to snipe other teams in order to protect his title (see screenshots below). Why I said a hard exploit? He abused energy regeneration in order to deal a silly amount of dmg and CC in the same time, take a look at the following video: I will also add some additional screenshots, at one he even cleary admits the abuse: https://imgur.com/d4x3Adu https://imgur.com/a/CcY5n As we see in the PvP title rewards, he got the r1 title this season although it's clear, that he did abuse on alt and maybe also did on his main char. So my question to the Atlantiss staff is. Do you think banning that alt account for 1month and still rewarding his main char the title will do anything? I hereby hope for an explanation on how you can reward such a player unpunished. Greetings, Kaspii
  13. [H] "anders hart" stellt sich vor.

    Willkommen auf Atlantiss, ich hoffe euch gefällt es soweit :)
  14. Beat that!

    Awww congratz. Yeeeeees next goal 250k :))