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  1. Short guild update: Atm our week looks like this: -Wednesday: alot of BH runs -Friday 19:00 DS 10 -mostly Saturdays: FL with a few HCs -Sunday 19:00 RATED BGs or other PvP events -Monday 20:00 DS 10 We also tossed in a 3rd DS run the last 2 resets, which are set up kinda spontan tho. 1v1 Event and Orgrimmar Raid are to come soon ™. We are also hanging out on TS each day :)
  2. "Fix" Gilneas Gate or someting :)

    I reported that bug abuse to 2 Developers with personal messages, so other people can not read it on bugtracker and abuse aswell. There might be more ways how to get over the BG gates tho, hopefully not tho.
  3. ok, I`ll go back to school
  4. that doesn't make any sense at all
  5. 2.5mill, I bought a lvl 25 guild for not even 1/10 of that price.
  6. Crossfaction BG's

    so you consider releaseasing DS bosses 1 per 1 blizzlike? hmmmmh
  7. Crossfaction BG's

    pls add xfaction BGs. Believe in the good change. 75% + want it

    Fahrad why u spam da topic amagad. Next RATED BG on Sunday 19:00 again, just /w me or an Officer if u want to join :)
  9. Playson being toxic

    For all the players, who are not in the context. I used to be on TS with Playson always and our dear Infected members, but since he obtained the Gladiator title he changed. I think titles change people's personalities and that sometimes does not end good. Therefore I ask, I beg the Administrators of the server to remove his title for a better Teamspeak atmosphere.
  10. [H] "anders hart" stellt sich vor.

    Willkommen auf Atlantiss, ich hoffe euch gefällt es soweit :)
  11. Developer Update #6

    As always, it's nice to have an update of what is happening and will going to happen /being worked on. I really like those Dev. Updates, keep it up!
  12. Developer Update #5

    Hail the Devs and Content Fixers, just not the GMs
  13. Developer Update #5

    Hail the devs Keep the good work up!