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  1. Raise Dead issues

    Inner Focus makes you immune to silences and interrupts, not to pushes (example: shammy or boomy pushes) or any stuns or other similar effects like Gouge, Blind, etc. Also the grip bug happens in arenas if you are on different levels mostly. Let's say you play Dalaran Arena and you are fighting down with the enemy healer being upside. You want to deathgrip him even tho he is in Line of SIght, it goess off cooldown, but the healer still stays up, that is the bug occuring with grips.
  2. Holy Paladin PoV in FL heroic!

    ahahaahah, ye right :D
  3. World of Warcrafts Top Notch Players

    Awesome video, I had some good laugh. Keep it up, cheers!
  4. [Alliance/PvP/EN] <Infected> is recruiting

    both isn't true liar!
  5. [Alliance/PvP/EN] <Infected> is recruiting

    Hey, yes we are still recruiting. Just ask for an online officer. /who Infected I am online on Kaspii atm too.
  6. Weird Behaviour

    Yea, the phasing bug happened to me aswell randomly everywhere. In BGs, arenas even raids. I don't know what causes it tho..
  7. Ragnaros drop chances

    On my alliance boomkin I killed rag HC like 10 times, of which 3 times capacitor dropped.
  8. Arena season rewards discussion.

    I am glad, that you got away from the top 10 players for Hero of the Alliance /Horde title in rated BGs. Although I still think the top 5 players are too many, in my opinion there should be top 3 max, rather only r1 as it was the last two seassons. Now you might question yourself, why. Well, that's easy explained. You earn alot of titles from low rating (1100 rating ++, each 100 rating 1 title). Therefore the Hero of the Alliance /Horde title should be unique or atleast blizzlike. ^Link: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=6942/hero-of-the-alliance If you give out 5x Hero of the alliance/horde then you also might give out Ruthless Gladiator to rank 1 to 5.

    Our next event will be on sunday 10.09. As always, feel free to join and you can contact me or another officer from <Infected> for more Information.
  10. missing the drama

    Your drama would be good if Learntorogue would be Hadralt... Unless Hadralt bought the char recently.
  11. Holy Paladin PoV in FL heroic!

    Great job, now back to PvP! <3
  12. Arena season rewards discussion.

    I completly agree with the text above, but I want to add another thing. The last 2 seasons we had the title for rated BGs being given to R1 only. If you add 10 titles now then 12 people will have it after 3 seasons of titles for rated BGs. As people get rewarded titles from rated BGs at 1.1k rating and each + 100 rating they obtain another title. So far the highest rating achieved on this server since I play here was around 1800. That alone are + 7 titles just from playing. Hero of the Alliance /Horde should stay special and not be given out to too many people. The top 3 on the scoreboard are fine for me, but 10 are definatly too many.

    That's why I wrote this, I meant more like on saturday that u join :)

    The next events will be be on Thursday and Saturdays, feel free to join us. On Thursday I only have 1 hour time tho, more games will be on saturday for sure. You can just /w me for a calender invite aswell if you want to. Cheers and welcome. @Cecidit u pleb need to join aswell
  15. Arena season rewards discussion.

    I agree with 3 HotA per season, but 10 HotA per season is just too much. PS: Good that arena rewards got changed