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  1. Such childish acts with editing my post's won't change the coming truth kappa.

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    2. FeralGod


      Sometimes it seems to me, that some users have half brain dead, while the other half went on never ending journey. :134_spy:

    3. Fahrad


      i just been realistic sorry not sorry u boys got offended.


    4. Jenova


      It's not about being offended, but writing a post where you claim that the team doesn't care about the server. That we won't listen to what players are writing in the topic and using vulgar words isn't the proper way to write a post. If you didn't notice WE talked with players first on shoutbox about the rewards and WE later asked the players to create a topic about the rewards and WE changed half of the rewards after getting some feedback. Being uninformed doesn't mean you can walk around and talk bs about the server and the team (atleast not on our forum).