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    Ah so you got hit but now your ship sails in the right direction. So good:)
  2. Steve


    360 is a full circle dude xD
  3. Steve

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    How is this blizzlike server if you gave custom buffs to bosses on raids? I don't want items to be extremly cheap. I want them to be in reach of the casual players(which they are not now because they won't drop). And even if ds came out those items should be more accessible for starting player. I should choose whatever I want not somthing else because you say so. Nerfs on drop chances on retail might were good for them but for relatively small server you need to adjust in my opinion. That is all I'm saying.
  4. Steve

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    Well I think you should take into consideration that there is only 1 k people at best(and not all of them are raiding Firelands) and in my opinion whenever you searched those items on retail they would pop up on aution house. Why do you play this blizzlike card if it's not clearly blizzlike server. You need to make adjustments to make it balanced. I would like to know how many of these items drop in one week period. Nowadays there is so little of these items so you can't even buy them on Auction House and when it pops up the price is ridiculous so average player can't buy them. Edit. Miraculously i can post again.
  5. Steve

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    How come that when ds came out items were droping consantly 1-2 from every raid. Now I haven't seen any in weeks. What the hell did you do then with this probability?
  6. Steve

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    Some time ago drop chance was better but then some guy(who?) nerfed it to the ground. I only want you to bring back previous drop rates. The same situation was on dragon soul but i can understand that you don't want people to gear up too fast to keep the intrest going. I am only asking for Firelands drop chances for now.
  7. Steve

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    Same as in Bastion of twillight i suppose.
  8. Steve

    Drop rate for fl trash items

    Most people who play are casuals, you make of this some miserable experience for players who don't have enough time to farm it. Those drop rates which are now aren't blizzlike, what are you even talking about. Change it back to normal drop rates that is what i meant.
  9. Hello. Could you please increase drop ratio for items from trash in Firelands. I think some of those items are past their prime but are needed as starter items for low level geared players. Moreover it is not quite casual friendly to buy some trinket from trash for 1mln gold from auction house. How any player who has 2 h a day to play get those items in his lifetime. It is even hard to see apparatus on auction house, i am not even talking about buying it. So please think that through and make a good decision. Bye
  10. They are not banned tho if you reported them so what is the point of this fuckin mail compaints.atlantis or whatever. YOu write obvious things things like person should be banned but noone is doing that.
  11. Report on bg only work for a person that doesn't move at all. Most of the time you get some retard rouge or feral who stays invis entire bg and just walks around doing nothing. You can't punish those people and reporting this to staff doesn't do shit. I don't have solution for this so it is what it is. You have got to be realistic in those things \
  12. Steve

    Bugged Water Elemental

    Its server fault. Mmaps are fucked up here. Sometimes pet will walk creazy paths on his own. Nothing you can do about it.