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  1. Demonhunter

    Shanro - Survival PvP Movie

    nice video
  2. Demonhunter

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    first thing u cant add on this list the Legendary daggers .. daggers doesnt work like staff proc chance on every spell and they are not Op as legendary staff put this in mind they give you like 500-600 agility and a proc after 30second or more depends on attack rate u can eviscerat 4 time doesnt make them like mages use 1 pyro and get 4 thats why blizzard didnt want to daggers copy stabs or ambushs
  3. Demonhunter


    u can do an Amnsty about real things discussion on server when u ban people cuz they expose Gm braking rules and after perma ban insulting is normal rage like Stormrage but idea unbaning players for abuse or cheat is not acceptable
  4. Demonhunter

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    ban everything just dont ban my Legendary Warglaives atleast only them are not broken
  5. Demonhunter

    Unfinished project.

  6. Demonhunter

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    efrel mage efrel lock efrel pala efrel dk efrel druid efrel shaman efrel monk Efrel tuuu fucking guuud Jestem zbyt dobry
  7. Demonhunter

    PvP season rewards

    kovex trink sapp and deterance 2k17 ur abusing also and we got on stream so pls que or dodge
  8. Demonhunter

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

  9. Demonhunter

    The Best Of Each Class

    yes its true i did copy your cuz am on phone not pc.with phone gona take year .. but ur list was good just changed some names and removed some that i dont know
  10. Demonhunter

    The Best Of Each Class

    right there!!! Throwkek
  11. Demonhunter

    The Best Of Each Class

    Warrior - Mighty Zepz,Elannftw, Brokenshard, Galko, Throwkek Paladin (Ret) - Darkemperor, Winganx Swisguard Paladin (Holy) - Darkemperor, Watchmewog DK - Smite, Sblarck, Dkgodx, Dannyraise Shaman (Ele) - Qayb, Andronicus Shaman (Enh) - Rakrakk, Khronos Shaman (Resto) - Bustyplz, Champk, Anousha Hunter - Elanabgodxftw, Miakhalifax, MyLove,Damo Hoodrax Druid (Feral) - Bogu,Kaori,Saburo Druid (Balance) - Kaspi,bloodmaze Druid (Resto) - Vega, Wouti, Slly Rouge - Lingu, Bigmouth(arty), Howtorogue ,keklol and 2more name forgot Warlock - Fearyourself, Drpressure, Dotspawnage Mage (Fire) - QuadtheJihad,Kabash Mage (Frost) - Blinkmaster, Frostbreaker, Pankaa, Wreckinyou Priest (Shadow) - Necroxx, Dmgerpriest, Cavy Priest (Disc) -Debthenab Eulia, Dmgerpriest, Swdjkpriest this is my opinion these nabs on top are prepared i think !!!
  12. Demonhunter

    The Best Of Each Class

    Elanabftwgodx !!!!!
  13. Demonhunter

    The Best Of Each Class

    chill best lock i lost a duel with some lags and ur bugged bich am waiting for Keklol to pay me 30k then il pay you ok cuz i dont have sry
  14. Demonhunter

    Title from last season removed

    hah and u blame quadnab being selfish pingu u can report my name too you fucking human picker .. they removed the titles cuz ur tuu guuud for that .. use the dragonslayer title its stil badass and focus next seson
  15. Demonhunter


    any spot?