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  1. chill best lock i lost a duel with some lags and ur bugged bich am waiting for Keklol to pay me 30k then il pay you ok cuz i dont have sry
  2. am tuu guud for details mortal
  3. hadlol did you stream this ?
  4. its usules they eat mount up tree hide and when they stil lose they mount up and logout without paying gladiator keklol
  5. hah and u blame quadnab being selfish pingu u can report my name too you fucking human picker .. they removed the titles cuz ur tuu guuud for that .. use the dragonslayer title its stil badass and focus next seson
  6. did u train good?
  7. any spot?
  8. jelous everywhere .thats why we called tryhards. you mortals dont understand
  9. 3k players were befor it was even hard to log in .. now half left .. we need staff like befor /agree with quad the jiahd
  10. nice done bring them am one shadows of the night hahhahahahahahhah fivekek hahhahahahahha omg u faking nob were are u were what name u have here ? hypnotize !!!!
  11. started spermik (rogue hypnotize)> truewow>(rogue hypnotize)>wowreach>(rogue hypnotize+Demonhunter)>frostmourne(rogue Demonhunter) now gona transfer here
  12. Hi there my name is Deivis i play rogue night elf name Ãèmôñhùñtèr i played from another server 4.3.4 blizzlike i like to join this server . i wanted to know how to transfer my acount here is possible to do that thanks cya