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  1. [4807] Tailoring Enchants' ICDs

    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/4807Describe your fix: Tailoring back enchants have too short ICDs.Post fix here using tag: Account name: hadeis1
  2. [7385][Spell] Priest T12 4P

    Okay, edited the query so it removes the entry first, but as @Wolfenstein noted, the update query should work too.
  3. [7385][Spell] Priest T12 4P

    Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/7385 (see Kozakko's comment) Describe your fix: Priest's T12 4P has 0 internal cooldown, should have 45, does absurd amount of healing Account name: hadeis1 Comment (optional): This has been bugged for the longest time. I'm a priest by the way, but I feel that this should be fixed. It has less of an importance when you're geared, but at lower gear this can do ~20% of your total healing. I think the database lacks an entry for that proc, so I add it: DELETE FROM `spell_proc_event` WHERE `entry` = 99135 INSERT INTO `spell_proc_event` (`entry`, `SchoolMask`, `SpellFamilyName`, `SpellFamilyMask0`, `SpellFamilyMask1`, `SpellFamilyMask2`, `procFlags`, `procEx`, `ppmRate`, `CustomChance`, `Cooldown`) VALUES ('99135', '1', '6', '0', '0', '0', '16384', '0', '0', '5', '45') From retail info, the ICD should be 45 seconds. All the other data is from the .dbc taken from Atlantiss forums. Here is a screenshot from Spellwork: