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  1. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    We were patient, now we can show everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHETS8x1Li8 Ragnaros script looks like that. Boss hides not after cast, but after certain amount of time had passed. a) 4 cast of our engulfing flames with "slow" and other guilds "clean" aren't actually different. With 3,2s cast, engulfings hit the ground around +/-2,9s mark and next one is instant, without break at all. - Slow behaviour With blizzlike behaviour engulfings hit each 2,5s then happens ~0.3-0.4s break between waves. b) Splitting Blow Without Slow - boss casts transition phase for 8s, and hides after 11s after beginning of cast, because of open widow between cast and actual triger of boss hiding under the lava. With slow - Boss hids after ~11s, despite having longer cast, only because event is scripted that boss hides after certain ammount of time since beginning the cast, resulting in the same time window as without whole slow thing. ---- Time measured on PTR ---- Boss with slow - Time since first Flames till transition phase - 21s Boss without slow - time since first Flames till transition - Also 21s Time measurements were based on WSI and IL kill movies, since beggining of the World in Flames and moment when boss hides. Slight difference, smaller than 1s is caused by lags/rendering of the video/measurement error. Tl;dr Slow is just a visual thing. Boss casts do not change despite given circumstances. To our haters : Guys, u can say everything. U can still call us 'polish dogs' on world channel. Doesn't metter. If u don't believe just go to ptr and check everything what u want. It's not problem, u know about that. And no more drama please, it's sick. Just accept this facts. Cya in DS :)
  2. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    After break, we're back. i have the best people, proud. // IMMORTAL LEGION
  3. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    jak ten noob Healmistrz wstawi muzykę, która będzie dostępna a nie, że film jest przez 5 minut bez muzyki xD
  4. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

  5. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Best try Rag 25 HC : 4th phase 6% with 1 meteor :< We're looking for active people for progressing Ragnaros 25 HC. www.immortallegionats.encjin.com
  6. [EN/PvE] Wipe Scene Investigation

    Good luck!
  7. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Zajebista robota Pany! Tylko nie wiem dlaczego Pumpuś a'la Burnon jest tak wysoko! Musicie coś z tym zrobić :<
  8. [H][PL/PvE] Keepers of Ulduar

    Gratki, gratki!
  9. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Mayby in the next id will be movie from kill Rag25 HC. Hope so!
  10. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    We're still looking for combat rogue, elemental shamman and holy paladin for progress Rag 25HC. Few informations about last tries : * the best try - 20% hp on 4th phase * always 2 meteors * 2nd meteors on 12,7% hp Rag on 3rd phase (best try) * We can do it with only 1 meteor. It's really possible. Looks good! Mayby tomorrow will be movie from this try. Application on : www.immortallegionats.enjin.com GO GO IL!
  11. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Rag 25HC wciąż w progresie. Nadal ćwiczymy! Dążymy do 1st killa na serwerze w wersji 25! Jednakże nic nie cieszy bardziej jak entuzjam niektórych oficerów, którzy rozpisują już taktyki na DS'a! To się ceni! #Smite #Daszary // Szacun! // Immortal Legion.
  12. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    warto dodać, że tylko na ręcznym pod lidlem
  13. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Who's the best in ally? We are!
  14. Firelands

    Immortal Legion : 25 hc 6/7 hc + 8x 6/7 10hc 3x 7/7 hc! We're sick :<
  15. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Still we're looking for : - Holy Paladin - Rogue Combat - Retribution Paladin - Warrior Arms for Ragnaros 25HC progress. www.immortallegionats.enjin.com More information in the game.