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  1. [PL/PVE] The Old Camp

    Challenge Accepted
  2. New 25 HC group is formed - Still need 5x dps / W for more info

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tellur
    3. Efrell


      good luck guys, next opponents, nice! 

    4. trollpowah


      Might be hard though, since people interested in 25hc raiding already have choice in Horde

  3. What's The Name Of That Song?


    K on A/H side if sb will find it

  4. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Blackwing League

    What can i say guys - One of the most popular guild nowadays in Polish community. Pple from BWL stand together helping each other - such a great team. If u want to farm old content one of the best place for you. 10/10 wish u LUCK !!!!!
  5. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Prodigy

    Gr.1 LF Blood DK / Feral Tank
  6. I bet it will be a lots of fun even something will not work properly
  7. How to become a DEV !
    Gzgzgz !

  8. How to lose 200 K in 2 sec guide

    Give them fortune cookies xd
  9. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Nah it wasn't me Sathus ;p So many guilds farm Rag Hc - Symphony of War do it nice, smooth and quickly. We are waiting for more video guys ;P
  10. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Hmm DI :D? Check DPS without any extra buffs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-Ih98DC82o 41:11 sec I can give some logs if u need it
  11. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    Ok so i will post what i see hiere Why u waste DI ? xD Mage could easly reach 50 K just give him a chance and buff up Nice UI btw
  12. A new game on Horde side. Hiere we go: http://i.imgur.com/3G1eE8u.gifv
  13. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Prodigy

    Szukajcie a znajdziecie ! Ostatni tydzien pelen niespodzianek - dolaczyli do nas wspaniali ludzie ! Rekrutacja na chwile obecna dla tankow zostaje wstrzymana ;( Ale ale ale : - Wciaz poszukujemy mDPS do uzupelnienia klas w 1 gr. - Ludzikow z gearem ~370 do ustabilizowania 2 gr na farme FL Norm ( Pamietajcie - wspieramy finansowo wasze charaktery, to najszybsza droga by wspolnie z nami zabic RAGA HC )