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  1. Hi hello, I'd like to know how to play priest and pve, do you have time to teach me plss?

    1. Quro


      Yeah sure. PM your number and I will call you. ^^

    2. Threetree


      Okay, 12345678910. Call me tonight kaay^^

  2. i cant log in to my account

    Check maybe it will help.
  3. Price of Valor Boots, Wrists

    Everything is more expensive now, not talking about epic gems lol. Volatiles or whichever cata mat is, even herbs.
  4. Ninja marks

    What's that wrong in rolling for OS in a dungeon group? You are changing these items fast enough anyway. You need it, you won the roll and that's it. What if I am heal MS but I queue for dps too because this is what is missing and I get queue for dps? Am I not supposed to roll for stuff that I need only because there are other ppl that needs it too? This is how the loot system is working. Nothing will change with some random stuff like the debuff with ninja message. You like it or not, not everyone is fairplay.
  5. Exploration Achievements

    You wrote wrong "Orgrimmar" 5 times but that's not the issue :D Didn't happen to me to don't get the exploration achiev, but I got some random achievs popping in BGs without having the requirements for them.
  6. I'm pretty sure PW:S doesn't scale with Bale buff
  7. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    I agree
  8. [Answered] RAF grantable levels question

    You can't grant levels through RAF between factions. It should have 40 lvls/char to grant.
  9. Experience

    Yea. You can stop receiving exp and then getting it again whenever you want.
  10. Regarding Justice Points

    Ye, as Quodan said, RHC has daily ID. Tho after you cap Valor Points, you will get Justice as reward. I suggest you to go RHC even after you cap. You will get double Justice per boss in heroic than on normal + the bonus for completing the dungeon. The normals might be faster, but I would still go for RHCs for more JP.