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  1. RAF grantable levels question

    You can't grant levels through RAF between factions. It should have 40 lvls/char to grant.
  2. Jewelcrafter Vicious Patterns

    Yeah I got it. The only items that are not turned in Bloodthirsty are the ring and neck. BS, LW are all Bloodthirsty.
  3. Jewelcrafter Vicious Patterns

    It turns out to be Bloodthirsty because Vicious will be added with 4.3 content. They are just a replacement until they will be upgraded to Vicious. And ye it says "Made by", the question mark might be because of the name of the guy. Dw there aren't ghosts that sells stuff in AH.
  4. Experience

    Yea. You can stop receiving exp and then getting it again whenever you want.
  5. Regarding Justice Points

    Ye, as Quodan said, RHC has daily ID. Tho after you cap Valor Points, you will get Justice as reward. I suggest you to go RHC even after you cap. You will get double Justice per boss in heroic than on normal + the bonus for completing the dungeon. The normals might be faster, but I would still go for RHCs for more JP.
  6. Jewelcrafter Vicious Patterns

    I've seen that ring in AH too. Actually I checked JC in some guilds professions and there are recipes for DS epic gems that some ppl have. We reported it some time ago but no one said anything. LW and BS DS recipe are there too. It might be just visual. I didn't ask any guy that shows he has the recipe if he actually have it.
  7. Razorgore doesn't drop anything but you can live without wrist :D