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  1. easteregg

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    This idea was only about to limit the items in arena BGS TO BE UNTOUCHED BY THIS CHANGE
  2. easteregg


    1-2 butthurt abusers/wintraders come up with this magnificent idea and you instantly want to pursue it & make a poll on forum. Meanwhile over 50+ arena players plus others who want changes to the arenas (remove pve gear & soloq & ffa bgs & dampening to 2s etc etc) and theres 0 action taken. Good job as usual Emtec.
  3. easteregg


    Hello, this is your Chief Lieutenant Pisslord Champk reporting in. This topic leaves me to wonder, if Emtec's everyday breakfast includes smoking a good bowl of crack in the morning. Everybody understands that the Staff tries to get population back / keep the current players playing, but this is certainly not the correct way of doing it. Banning these 2-5 dipshits with their 20 alts, that only inject negativity and bad manners to the game / community does only bad. The way to retain / get the players back is to actually do what the PVP community has wanted, such as removing certain pve items from arena / dampening to 2s / FFA bgs / 3v3 Soloq. I understand that these changes actually require some time and input, which is hard to achieve for Atlantiss staff. Clearly typing a 4 letter script into the system to unban a dipshit is easier. 3 weeks ago Yggr said that he will create a topic about the changes in PVP, to get better feedback from the average player here, which still has not been created. I havent played in Atlantiss since god knows when, but I believe that the community wants to see less glue sniffing and more listening to the community and actually implementing them to the game.
  4. easteregg


        Oneshot me bro! ;)
  5. easteregg

    Wingnanx 1 - Ret PvP

    Thx everyone,   @ymirx first there got to be 3s que's ;)
  6. easteregg

    Wingnanx 1 - Ret PvP

    Hello everyone,   Some of you might know me already, I'm Wingnanx/Sacjktrinket ingame. I had a video planned for a while but never got to it. Last couple of weeks I have been working on this. Without any experience in video editing it was all new for me but I did the best I could. Unfortunately I lost almost all my previous recordings on other servers (or seasons). Current footage was shot on Atlantiss exclusively. This video contains mainly ret paladin 3v3 gameplay from current season 10, I tried to put the more entertaining clips together. In the future I will most likely add games with skype but for now only games with music are there.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk0dOeOHyiI If you enjoy the content subscribe or follow me on Twitch (I might stream more often now). Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Easteregg95 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/dateasteregg Tracklist: 1: IllSkillz - Gifts & Curses 2: Pendulum - The Island 3: Sebastian Carter - Angels 4: Hardwell - Spaceman 5: MitiS - Born 6: Feint - One Thousand Dreams [Free EP] 7: Rameses B - Game of Thrones
  7. easteregg

    Nikz Feral Atlantiss Montage -2

    Haha the 'meld' game around 2:00 :D   Plenty of humor in it, that's great but perhaps the 'bloopers' might be better to put at the end?   Music choice is fine but like Misa said perhaps you can time the music better for specific moments but overal nice vid and hope to see more!
  8. easteregg

    [Answered] Thoughts of adding dampening to arenas?

    Or you stop playing feral/heal and you won't have the problem.