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  1. Fluffie

    [Answered] Atlantiss PTE, instant lvl 58/60?

    Personally I don't want to see this, I have played servers with this feature and compared to servers without it it makes the old world feel empty, I understand your here for BC but alot of changes were made to the vanilla world in BC and it's all part of the experience. Knowing atlantiss I don't think they will adopt this instant 58 idea but I can see why people want it.
  2. Fluffie

    Diablo Style UI (Roth UI)

    Anyone who wants this but cant configure it like how you see on my screenshots or you dont want the hassle, i am happy to email you a already configured pack, let me know on here or in game on my chars: Fluffie / Leafie
  3. Fluffie

    Diablo Style UI (Roth UI)

      no probs you need to go into the lua file and turn off the class color feature, then whatever you set it as under the health bar setting it will appear as in game. the class color settings are in the oUF_diablo folder then the config.lua   been a while since i set it up so if you still cant do it let me know on here or in game and i will take a further look.
  4. Fluffie

    Diablo Style UI (Roth UI)

    What exactly you after, if you just want the orbs there's instructions on how to do that from my original link up top.
  5. Be online in core times, currently most of the gms are no doubt at work or doing real life stuff, I log tickets usually in core hours and they get answered in under 1 hour usually, if your offline during these hours then you will have to wait longer.
  6. Fluffie

    Diablo Style UI (Roth UI)

    Very nice mate I like what you have done with it :D
  7. Fluffie

    [Answered] about sunwell transfers

    Exactly my point here, so really we need to know why it's being done? Devs?
  8. Fluffie

    Diablo Style UI (Roth UI)

    Apologies haven't checked this in a while, did you manage to fix that, if not please explain a little more on the issue.
  9. Fluffie

    [Answered] about sunwell transfers

    Does leveling speed on 2 separate expacks really excuse giving a level 1 character a free level 80 here, the fact that anything below level 80 is being transfered is silly imo.
  10. Fluffie

    [Answered] Strictly pvp?

    I get it, not many people do me included. But it's not like that here the server is set to pvp for the same reason as all private servers (well most) and that's to appeal to the greater population.
  11. Fluffie

    [Answered] Strictly pvp?

    No its mixed there's lots of pve here you will be fine here
  12. Fluffie

    [Answered] What happened with atlantiss MoP?

    Check the news about the PTE mate, doesn't look like mop is lined up
  13. Fluffie

    [Answered] Regarding Queue

    So you clearly lack the basic life skills to follow what has been said in this topic, any chance you had of making a point has just vanished as you prove yourself to be the retard we were all thinking. I understand there's a language barrier I know English is not everyone's first language, it would be arrogant of me not to. But you have just gone full retard with this post my friend, not only does it make fuck all sense to anyone it's also not in context with the conversation as it appears you don't know what or who you are replying to. I think it's safe to say this is over and you have rubbed your face on the keyboard for the last time on this topic, please don't make a lame attempt to have the last word here.
  14. Fluffie

    [Answered] Can't see shoutbox on Forum

    Also have this problem
  15. Fluffie

    [Answered] Long ticket times.

    All my response times have been under 30mins, I must be lucky bit others in my time zone get the same service