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  1. xzstnce

    Some question about Warrior (PvP)

      Basically this. Feral / DK / Ret are all better than warrior in every single way.
  2. xzstnce

    Some question about Warrior (PvP)

    Thats doing 2 mil damage on a target dummy.   Also i never see ticks of DW over 600 in PvP.   EDIT: Turns out it ticks the same on both the dummy and a full pvp geared priest. Seems bugged.
  3. xzstnce

    Some question about Warrior (PvP)

      Your "tests" prove nothing. A video showing that someone's DW ticked for 340 and someone's DW here ticked for 500 is absolutely useless, only thing that matters is testing things on static targets with multiple hits to prove your point. Yes, heroic leap is bugged and no, it doesnt help your overall game one bit, its not going to win you an arena, ever.   For me it seems like you are just a big cry baby that is crying about the most underpowered melee dps in cata.   Quote on the Intimidating Shout "bug":   The effect the main target gets is not a fear, that is why even 1 DMG Taken breaks the effect. Targets that are around the warrior and are not targeted by the warrior get a fear effect that breaks after a larger amount of DMG is dealt.
  4. xzstnce

    Some question about Warrior (PvP)

      Deep wounds doesnt deal big damage at all, it barely matters.   Heroic leap really is bugged here and it does give you some advantage, still not game breaking or something.   Shaman not being able to tremor the fear is working properly - the main target of the fear takes a different effect than the "aoe" fear. Its a "horror" effect, the same as the priest disarm one, which can only be removed from a trinket.
  5. xzstnce

    Some question about Warrior (PvP)

      I wont lie, warrior is not very viable with the current patch. In 2v2 you are doomed to suffer, in 3v3 its a bit better but you are still outclassed by stuff like feral / unh dk / ret pal.   I'll give you an example - on my full ruthless warrior i struggle a lot to get 2200-2300 (used to be 2400 on the start of the season), on my feral with full vicious (2 ruthless parts) im 2500. That can tell you a whole lot about the balance in 2v2. For 3s i just cant find people to play with, resto shams are a rarity these days and most of them prefer to play with ferals or warlocks..
  6. xzstnce

    [Q] Resto shaman stats

      Why 918 haste exactly? I find mastery and even crit a lot better with current gear.
  7. xzstnce

    Warrior arms PvP : Slam vs heroic strike

    :unsure: Im pretty bad for missing out on that swing time pause and an extra GCD to fit in the constant spamming the warrior is.
  8. xzstnce

    [Answered] Forum/website/game Authenticator

    I agree that account trades should be banned. Its pretty silly they let scammers have it so easily.
  9. xzstnce

    [Answered] Battleground AFK'er

      When you join a BG and abuse the system - that is moving so you dont get flagged as "AFK" but sitting in the starting location, you should get banned - for 24-72 hours. Guarantee that he wont do it again.
  10. xzstnce

    [Answered] Battleground AFK'er

    Just wanted to report an afk'er since the ingame report system doesnt work at all. Nickname: Asmerea.   On the 1st screenshot game recently started and the dude was at our base.   Last screenshot shows that the whole game he had 0 healing 0 damage done.   Please fix the report system or create a subform where ppl can post stuff like this.
  11. Im pretty sure there are no honor items for that level.
  12. xzstnce

    [Answered] about sunwell transfers

      This. A level 1 character is no way equal to a lvl 80 with gear and gold..
  13. xzstnce

    [Answered] about sunwell transfers

    Pretty stupid that people here need to waste hours and hours leveling heroes to lvl 80 while sunwell people could have made lvl 1 chars and now they get lvl 80 for that... 
  14. xzstnce

    [Answered] DC's&Lags

    They are constantly updating stuff and as you update stuff you brake others (which causes crashes). Just give the team time to fix the issues, they always have so far. :)
  15. xzstnce

    [Answered] Soloque arenas instead of 5v5 bracket.

    Casual 2v2 arena would be nice so you can practice playing without rating at stake.