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  1. Ave, zacząłem ostatnio się dogłębnie zastanawiać nad sposobem działania odpałek. Czy kolejność odpalania buffów ma znaczenie? np na Ultraxionie jak odpale na Hour of Twilight najpierw AMS(mając np 190k hp, czyli max 95k absorba) a potem Icebound Fortitude(50% redukcja obrażeń), to AMS zmniejszy obrażenia o te 95k i dopiero wtedy IF zredukuje pozostałe 205k o połowe do 105k w twarz, natomiast jeśli użyję odwrotnie, czyli najpierw IF, potem AMS, to najpierw IF zredukuje do 150k a potem AMS o 95k(75% z 150k to 112.5k, ale cap absa to 95k przy takich hp) do 55k? Ma to znaczenie, czy jest to jakoś stale ustalone, że najpierw jedno, a potem drugie niezależnie od kolejności? Bo zarwać 105k, a 55k to różnica 😉 Jeżeli nie ma znaczenia, to który skill "zadziała" jako pierwszy? Kolejne pytanie: Jak działa stackowanie się redukcji obrażeń z Bone Shielda i IF? IF to 50% redukcji, a Bone Shield to 20% I teraz, czy to oznacza, że najpierw redukuje obrażenia jedna umiejętność, a potem 2ga (posłużę się znowu Ultraxionem. 300k-150k(50% z IF)=150k-30k(20% bone shield)=120k, lub odwrotnie, ale to nie ma wpływu na wynik), czy punkty procentowe się sumują i jest to w rzeczywistości 70% redukcji obrażeń (300k-210k(70%)=90k)?
  2. Sidu

    ElvUI Backported Version

    Is there any plugin that will show me what my raid mates are targetting?
  3. okay, but there are no info about "how can i get out of *new member* rank"
  4. Ave, I'd like to ask You what do I need to do to create Market Topic? And what are the requirements to write on shoutbox? Do I need to write more posts, or get some pluses?
  5. Sidu

    Ragnaros drop chances

    Just be patient ;) its all random, and u will get it after... some amount of kills ;_;. I get normal one same day when i get legendary staff. Just about 6months of killing ragnaros xD (we fought with my guild that i'll be first mage with tarecgosa, but without capacitor). Heroic one dropped on our 1st HC kill. So just wear "The Pantient" title and wait for it.
  6. Sidu

    Fire mage trinkets

    Hello everyone, A few days ago i heard that BiS trinkets for fire mage on ilvl 385+ are not volcano+lightning capacitor HC (as i thought before) but necromantic focus HC+lightning capacitor HC. How about that? Is it true? or maybe its good only for few bosses, not everyone? In my opinion 1600int should be better than 440mastery. I know, mastery is pretty good, cuz it increase damage from DoTs, but the main spell, the main DoT is combustion which is better with higher ignite. To make ignite high I need crit chance, so its more important than crit. Im not sure, maybe mastery is more worthly on higher ilvl (i have 382 atm and my hc progress is 5/7 so i dont have any chance to obtain capacitor HC). Maybe on higher ilvl i'll have enough crit chance to go for mastery. And this is what i want to ask u for. What's better? volcano+capacitor HC or maybe necromantic HC+capacitor HC?
  7. Sidu

    ElvUI Backported Version

    there's a little problem https://scr.hu/4yO1z1 I don't have this option xD [i]EDIT:[/i] nevermind... bad extract of plugin xDDDDDDD
  8. Sidu

    ElvUI Backported Version

    Hi, I was looking for "how can I do this?!" for about 4 hour and: 1)I am blind or something 2) I don't know how to search xD So, how can I put Skada Damage Meter into my right chat?
  9. Sidu

    ElvUI Backported Version

    oh.. you're right xD thanks!
  10. Sidu

    ElvUI Backported Version

    I have a major problem with  this UI. I can't see my action bars. https://scr.hu/2nn4Gq I have enabled all of them in ElvUi settings. What should I do?