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  1. ego

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    as healer u have to use vulcanic potion too + get the maelstrom proc *caugh* we all know fire elemental scales with intelect :x now add elemental dps to your own 5-6k dps on the boss during p3 and tadaaa u got 15k overall (with bloodlust up obviously)
  2. ego

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    kk.. can safe the fucking kill on the boss. got this situation MANY MANY MANY times lol. and 2 minutes is not that high when u are focus on healing -> lord (2nd hardest boss here) its all about to get off as much heals u can on heroic...mastery is only effective on low HP raid.. but u have to prevent the raid to get low on HP so haste and saving mana is the way to go. #showtooltip Nature's Swiftness /cast Nature's Swiftness /cast Greater healing wave #safethekill glyph of earthshield not necessary m8.. look at this: ragnaros debuff on main tank ,number of stacks are not important -> debuff tick -> earthshield procc ~9k critical -> add maintank max hp to ~9k critical -> do the math: tankmaxhp - debuff tick ->58% hp left (with ES proc critical) 56% hp left (ES proc critcal [nonglyph]) now sum up all the ES procs (with glyph) and calculate. u will heal like 150k - 200k (depends on critrate) more = 2x greater wave critical/ 4-5x greater wave noncritcal = 14k/35k mana u cant fucking miss the boss when u want to regain some mana with telluric currents!! else -> 5 seconds wasted on missing the boss and wasted 2,6k mana. GG kk 2 points in Tidal Focus and 1 point in Elemental Precision 3/3 focus insight.. tell me when do u have time to land a shock spell on any enemy infight -> lets check who can last longer in fight w/o beeing oom at the end of fight
  3. ego

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    no. i meant p3. using fire elemental should be around 15k dps here is my shaman: Frostshock
  4. ego

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    u have to dps as healer as well. else u wont kill ragnaros... try to get into p3 and u will understand.
  5. ego

    Deutsche Spieler / Gilden @ 2017

    kann ich nicht empfehlen :x
  6. ego

    Restoration Shaman 4.3.4 PVE [ENG]

    both spec both are fail... try this my resto specc (firelord)
  7. ego

    Warrior arms PvP : Slam vs heroic strike

    obviously u can use both HS and slam while reck up :rolleyes:
  8. ego

    [Pve]Prot Warrior still viable?

    on heroic progression. where dps matters :D
  9. dat priority list and fighting start.. lol
  10. ego

    Friday night PUG (14.10.)

    i can help out with resto shaman 380 (frostshock) or arms warrior 378 (kokoloris)
  11. ego

    Fury vs Arms-Warrior

    he is so bad....omg
  12.  i totaly disagree. think about it