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    [Answered] Increased BG rewards for Horde

    Emm, increasing rewards for the horde would benefit both horde and ally. Horde would finally queue and get gear faster and alliance wouldnt wait 2h in queue.
  2. My suggestion - increase win reward by 25% and lose reward by 150% for the Horde. 70 allies and 0 horde in bg queue is kinda frustrating and sometimes it's impossible to catch a bg.
  3. Radeghost

    [Answered] Regarding Queue

    No, they weren't. They tried to add a mechanic preventing queues when the player had suddenly DC'd, but it doesn't work.
  4. Corrupted Ashbringer for 214 Premium points. Tabard of the Silver Hand since it's not obtainable yet Arcanite Ripper, 214 premium points
  5. Radeghost

    [Answered] Faction Change questions

    Thank you very much :^)
  6. Radeghost

    [Answered] Faction Change questions

    I don't care about sunwell transfers anymore since all the characters I cared about are already transferred, I'm asking about faction change.
  7. Radeghost

    [Answered] Faction Change questions

    Hi, I've used the search tool but all my efforts to find the right answers were in vain, so here it comes: 1. Will all of my reputations be transferred correctly? 2. Will my bank be transfered (not guild bank) 3. Will all my mounts/pets/achievements be transferred? And mounts swapped accordingly to retail WoW (for example Orc mounts -> Human mounts, etc) 4. Will my currencies be transferred? Like gold / honor points / conquest points. 5. CP cap is gonna be resetted? I do not intend, by any means, to abuse the faction transfer system. Thank you in advance. I may have further questions, but I'll wait for answers first.
  8. Radeghost

    [Answered] "No Path Available"?

    Just wait, they're working on new vmaps
  9. Radeghost

    [Answered] 4.3.4 clients with other locales.

    Quest text etc is server-side and it's English. You can't change the language of text (mobs, quests)
  10. Radeghost

    [Answered] Arena 'ready' crystal

  11. Radeghost

    [Answered] AH in Tanaris - everything is ok?

    that's 15% neutral AH fee
  12. Radeghost

    [Answered] Arena 'ready' crystal

    add 2 crystals in the starting areas of each team, when every player participating in the arena clicks the crystal, time until start is reduced to 3 seconds yay or nay?
  13. Radeghost

    [Answered] Question about donator

    PPs and shop exp. They might add something that'd finally get advantage of shop levels.