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  1. ParkRiRin

    Show Me Your Transmog

    Here comes my Paladin :>
  2. ParkRiRin

    Elv UI / Tuk UI Problems

    I hope it will works. If not... Maybe download other client, or something like that. Because I think Addons on our page are working fine.
  3. ParkRiRin

    Elv UI / Tuk UI Problems

    Hello. I had this same. I ws thinking its because Addon. But it was because I had wrong Display Drivers. I installed older one and it was fine.
  4. ParkRiRin

    Atlantiss birthday event

    For me? It was great time, and I really enjoy the idea of Event. It is true that there were some complications, but don't forget they do it for You. Even if we wont get any rewards for Atlantiss Badge of Honor we still had chance to get Items what are unobtainable in game, we got uniqe Zipao Tiger Pet, its more then enough! Not everyone is perfect and infallible. I bet next year or next big event will be more detailed Good Job ATS Staff! Cheers!
  5. ParkRiRin

    [Answered] Need help with Change Race

    Hey! I am afraid You won't get new Race Change. Read the rules carefully. :)
  6. ParkRiRin

    [Answered] Sunwell Transfer Reputation

    You need to earn Reputations again to use Mounts.
  7. Anyway... Why we do not get New Items? There was a lot of Cool Stuff suggested, but we didnt get even single one. Why does it take to long, are there any problems to add it to the store?
  8. We die in the darkness, so You can live in the light.

  9. ParkRiRin

    Show me ur UI :)

    Daaamn it! I love it so much. I will wait till You share something with us
  10. ParkRiRin

    Show me ur UI :)

    Maaan!! I love Your Unit Frames!!! How is it called? Can I know?!!
  11. ParkRiRin

    Skadi the Ruthless - Utgarde Pinnacle

    I am going to farm it only when I feel it will drop. Still no mount <lol>
  12. ParkRiRin

    Developer Update #2

    Sounds Bad :(  So still we need to wait for it. Thanks for answer Sir.
  13. ParkRiRin

    Developer Update #2

    That's mean we can fight now on Ring of Valor Arena?
  14. Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.
  15. ParkRiRin

    ElvUI Backported Version

    Hello! I replace my Old ElvUI to Backported one, everything is cool but I have problem with Whisper and Chat Windows. Whenever someone Whisper me, it CLEAR All my Chat (General/Trade/World/Raid/Party etc.) Whisper open in New Tabs.  When I change option to Open Whisper "In-Line" it is everything Okey. Does anyone know any Solution?